Alice Eve stars in CBS’ Reboot Pilot


Eve will play Beth, an executive producer and investigative reporter at a local news station in Seattle.

Alice Eve
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Rebooting TV is all the rage these days, and CBS has set its sights on the next one. according to wrapAnd the Alice Eve It is set to command a restart first edition in the network.

Eve will play Beth, an executive producer at a local news station in Seattle, KSEA, where she also works as an investigative reporter. Beth is described as being “cruel when it comes to getting the story going, which sometimes puts her at odds with her beloved mentor, Tommy, who believes the most important thing in the story is the people and its human toll.”

first edition It originally ran for four seasons on CBS from 1996 to 2000, starring Kyle ChandlerAnd the Shancia DavisAnd the Fisher Stevens. That series followed Chandler Gray, who had similar moral dilemmas to Beth’s “when you start receiving tomorrow’s headlines the day before they happen.” The new series will be written and executed by Melissa Glenn. Other executive producers on the project include Bob brush And the Devon Franklin for Franklin Entertainment, and Jenna Nicholson as co-executive producer for Franklin Entertainment. Furthermore, Sony Pictures Television and AFFIRM Television will be produced along with CBS Studios.

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Eve has participated in many TV projects over the years, including BelgraviaAnd the black mirrorAnd the footnoteand Marvel’s iron fist. The actress will then appear in the Amazon Prime series Energy The upcoming action comedy movie their own account, Where will star in return John Cena And the Alison Brie. Furthermore, Eve will also be participating in the upcoming horror movie Queen Mary.

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There have been a lot of recent series like HBO newsroom and Apple TV morning show Which convincingly led to the curtain being pulled from the press, so it will be interesting to see what this new version is about first edition It will add to the conversation. The landscape in this particular field has had a lot of moral anatomy in the past few years. It looks like the early release will fuel the era of “fake news” as well as the moral corruption that is at the heart of this hot topic.

Not much is known about the project other than the previous series and the character of Eve. first edition It still appears to be in early development with no release window yet, but we’re sure to learn more eventually as additional staff members are revealed.

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