Incredibly Rare Pokemon Snap Trading Card Appears In Auction

Pokemon Snap Magikarp

An incredibly rare Pokemon trading card based on Pokemon Snap appears during the auction, selling for a high price.

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The pokemon trading card game It’s still an incredibly popular and profitable venture for the franchise, with loads of new releases and cards released every year. Saw this lover Pokemon Spending ridiculous amounts of money on certain cards and combos, either because of the popularity or rarity of these collectibles. While there have been a lot of cards found and maintained over the years, an incredibly unique and rare card was discovered thanks to a Japanese auction.

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The card in question is part of a series of ten unique cards released in Japan as a joint promotion with pokemon snap. This was a competition I asked my players pokemon snap To take their favorite pictures Pokemon in the game, and then submit it as an entry in the contest. If a fan’s photo is the winner, they will then receive 20 copies of a Pokemon The card that used the provided image as its art. The 10 unique promotional cards were based on Gyarados, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and more. While nine of them have been auctioned and sold in the past 23 years, the Magikarp card has never been discovered yet.

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In a video by Smpratte on YouTube, he reiterated that instead of the winners receiving a copy of each unique card, the contest winners were given only 20 copies of a card of their own design. As a result, this led to a reduction in the circulation of these Pokemon Trading cards to only the person to whom they were given. The first copy of this Magikarp card recently appeared at a Japanese auction, selling for 5 million yen, or approximately $136,000.

The video by smpratte shows that the card was sent to him to a friend and his business partner specifically for this video, going through all the details on the card. One of them is the fact that there is a unique camera icon on the side, indicating that the card is part of the special promotion of pokemon snap and the Pokemon TCG. These details are on the other nine cards as well. Another is that instead of the usual photographer crediting the image, it indicates that it is an in-game photograph, with the winner’s name on the bottom as well.

Much like some more expensive Pokemon Cards, dodge and rarity due to it being a limited promotional item for the game. The biggest part of the irony in this whole story, pointed out by smpratte, is that Magikarp is one of the most common creatures to be found in the original story. pokemon snap. Inversely, this is one Magikarp card from pokemon trading card game It is one of the rarest to find.

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