Radan’s relationship with his horse is more impressive than you think

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since its release, elden ring Players delve deeper into the game to discover everything they can, regarding its story, building, world building, characters, and more. Of course, there are also quite a few rune cultivation sites in elden ring And other game-specific tricks that have been circulated online as well. The best way to learn anything in elden ringHowever, it is not just about wandering aimlessly and looking at things, but reading the descriptions of the various items.

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This adds new lore and context to nearly every character and location in the game. It’s a particularly effective way to tell stories when players learn something likable or heartbreaking about elden ring They just defeated their boss. Radahn has, so far, proven to be an incredibly popular boss fight, not just because of the attempt to outsmart the Starscourge, but because of the idea that this gigantic behemoth of a character is riding a small horse.

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Elden Ring: Radan and Leonard, The Knight and His Horse

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One player discovered that Radahn’s horse is called Leonard through the game files, which is an endearing fact, but those who look at the item description for Radahn’s Great Rune will learn more. It turns out that Radahn learned Gravity Magic at the Elden Ring with the sole purpose of never detaching from his horse, thus taking his weight off the horse’s shoulders. In fact, it shows that Radahn really does care about Leonard, which is a nice personal touch for someone who has been hailed as one of the Elden Ring’s strongest warriors.

It goes a little deeper than that. As it turns out, when Radan and Malinia clash with each other (which is what fans see in the old elden ring trailer), Malenia infected him with Scarlet Rot. Because of the constant contact, it seems safe to assume that Leonard also has a Scarlet Rot.

Radahn players face elden ring Technically underpowered (and given the speed at which Scarlet Rot kills players, that’s horrifying), it’s basically the two of them being eternal zombies who stay on either side of each other at all times — Radahn’s warm, albeit quirky humanization. Starscourge has a heart.

It is also an interesting similarity with the player and Torrent, elden ringSummoning horse. While players do not have to engage in a chariot fight, Torrent fights alongside the Tarnished hero and Malenia will also thank him alongside the player. In Radahn and Leonard, player character and Torrent, it is clear that elden ring Puts a lot of thought into the relationship between the character and the mountain, and the game will be much richer.

elden ring Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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