Where do you get the ghost torch

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Word around town is that Elden Ring’s Ghostflame weapons and spells may be OP if used correctly; Here’s how to get the Ghostflame Torch.

elden ring ghost torch posing

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There was a hum between elden ring That some Ghostflame weapons and spells can be considered OP. For players looking for their own Ghostflame gear set, this guide will go for it Where do you find torch torch at elden ring.

Before players can attempt to reach the whereabouts of the Ghostflame Torch, they will need to defeat one of the main bosses named Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. To fight it, players will need to pass Ranni’s missions, or use the Great Elevator of Dectus.

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Where do you find torch torch

The Ghostflame can be picked up from the ground at a specific location in Nokron, the Eternal City. And if players defeat Radahn, they can easily get to it by first heading to Fort Haight West for the Lost Grace location in East Limgrave, as shown on the map below.

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Starting with this Lost Grace website, players must properly follow these steps to access the Ghostflame Torch:

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  • From the Lost Grace location, head northwest. Players will see some rocks floating in the sky, and a huge open space underneath. Players basically need to get to the bottom of that.
  • When players approach the hole, they should see two floating platforms at the bottom. Carefully wrap around the hole to get to the rocks, after which players must see a trail on the north side of the mountain that is glowing white – this leads to Naukron, the Eternal City.
  • When players enter the next section, there is an entrance to the north. Carefully descend from two floors to reach it.
  • Once players finally reach the Nokron entrance, turn right and climb up the first lane on the left that leads to a small square platform. Turn right, and do a carefully running jump to get to another path.
  • When players climb to the top of this building, they will see a dead person on the ground. The lamp will be above it to take it, and it will glow blue just like any other item elden ring.

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Torch flame stats

Ghostflame can cause frost buildup It mainly develops with strength, dexterity, and intelligence. Her physical attack power is 50, and her magic is 90. In order to use the Ghostflame Torch, The required attributes are 10 Str, 14 Int, and 10 Dex.

Torch torch stats elden ring

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elden ring Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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