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Attention young ladies and eligible bachelors of the world: flick off your dancing skills and pay a visit to modiste, for a new season of Bridgeton Just arrived on Netflix. Based on a series of novels of the same name by Julia Quinn, the second season of the hit show follows not just one, but two Bridgerton brothers as they make their way through the many balls and parks of Regency London’s upscale community. But Eloise will (Claudia Jessiand Lord AnthonyJonathan Bailey) succeed in achieving the goals of the season – in a row, walking away from all potential suitors and winning the diamonds of the season? And what does Mrs. Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews) that you say about these things?

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“Capital Rake” begins with the entire Bridgerton family, Daphne (Phoebe Denifor), waiting impatiently outside Eloise’s room getting dressed to come out in front of Queen Charlotte (Golda Rochevel). Bridgerton’s second daughter was more passionate about her intellectual pursuits than finding herself a husband, and she could not have been more relieved when her court presentation was interrupted by the arrival of the latest edition of the Lady Wesleydon Society Papers. After a long period of silence, even the Queen must pause everything to find out what the mysterious gossip writer is saying. And for Lady Whistledown, only one thing matters: knowing who Her Majesty will choose as the Diamond of the Season.

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With Eloise gleefully running out of the Queen’s reception, there’s still one thing she doesn’t know: her good friend Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) he is one Hiding behind the nickname Whistledown. While Eloise fakes an entire dance card with fake names like Lord Byron to keep would-be suitors at bay, Penelope uses her status as a wallflower to eavesdrop on conversations between both ladies and servants, gathering sensational information to fuel her secret project – a task that becomes even more difficult now that she’s after her. Eloise around, begging for companionship during balls.

However, Penelope persisted, mainly because playing Lady Whistledown is the only good thing she’s doing at the moment. With Colin Bridgeton (Luke NewtonShe travels across Europe, no one makes her heart beat faster, and things at the Featherington residence are less than perfect. After the death of Lord Featherington (Ben Miller(At the end of season one, Mrs. Portia)Polly Walker) and her daughters face financial difficulties while awaiting the arrival of a new lord, who is said to be a cruel and cheap old man who exiled his son to the Americas. With nothing in front of them but uncertainty, Mrs. Portia passes silverware in search of things to sell, and Philippa (Harriet Kaines(Concerns about the state of her upcoming marriage to Mr. Finch)Lorne McDonald) without any kind of dowry to give to her family.

However, the real heroes of the season are not the Eloise and the Featheringtons, but Anthony and Kate Sharma (Simon Ashley). After his relationship with Sienna ended (Sabrina Bartlett) In season one, Viscount Bridgerton decides to take a wife – except that his list of demands can be…well, demanding. A Capital-R Rake, says Mrs. Whistledown wittyly, Anthony is not interested in any of the young ladies of London. In a montage that shows him going from dates with aspiring brides to brothels to his office, we see him turning down woman after woman for myriad reasons. He even goes out on a girl who speaks fluent French and Latin because she doesn’t speak Greek either!

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Things began to change for Lord Anthony when he saw a young woman running across the country on horseback. He follows her, fascinated by her horse riding skills, and manages to engage her in a somewhat controversial conversation. Unfortunately, the lady leaves without telling him her name. However, the audience soon finds out who this mysterious woman is: the daughter of Mrs. Mary Sharma (Chile Con), the noblewoman who had diamonds in season but got rid of them all and fled to India with a public clerk. Along with her stepmother, Kate moved to London to arrange a suitable marriage not for herself, but for her younger sister, Edwina (charithra chandran). The trio enjoys the hospitality of Mrs. Danbury (Add to it), who loaned them private rooms in Mayfair and invested heavily in helping Edwina find a husband. She’s also looking for someone who might interest Kate, a 26-year-old maid. Unfortunately, Sharma’s older girl does not accept Lady Danbury’s interference in her love life.

Besides being involved in matchmaking, Ms. Danbury also hosts the first ball of the season, as she does every year. During the event, Mrs. Sharma and her daughters were introduced to Queen Charlotte, but Her Majesty still holds a grudge against Mary for her sudden departure all those years. Indeed, Mrs. Sharma’s scandalous elopement remains the talk of the party, as the ladies gather to share their impressions of the arrival of the new family while Mrs. Wesleydon offers her nothing more attractive. Only one thing can put an end to all this hateful chatter: Lady Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell) announces loudly and clearly that her son, the Viscount, is looking for a wife. Aspiring mothers and their daughters soon rallied around Anthony when he and his mother entered the ballroom, diverting attention away from Sharmas (at least for now).

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When he is finally resting, Anthony runs outside, where he finds a group of men with a surname who thank him for drawing all the attention of the young ladies and their mothers. Much like the Viscount, the Three Young Men are not prejudiced against the young women in society. They ask Anthony why he can’t find just any woman to “marry, sleep and raise,” and he replies with a long list of things he considers indispensable to a wife and future mother to his children. Unbeknownst to the men, Kate was eavesdropping on their entire conversation. After Anthony’s friends left, she tried to get away unnoticed, but had no luck. Anthony noticed the look of disgust on her face, and asked Kate if it went against his requirements for a wife. She responds by saying that her problem is any man who treats women as pieces of furniture and property of upbringing before subtly insulting Anthony’s chivalric abilities and then runs inside to fetch her sister and leave the ball.

As Kate learns about the uglier side of Lord Anthony, Edwina has been drawing the attention of several suitors at Lady Danbury’s ball. However, there is a problem with the marriage of a young girl that she herself is not very familiar with. Upon receiving a letter from the Sheffields, Mrs. Mary’s parents, Mrs. Danbury confronts Kate about Sharmas’ real reason for coming to London. Since Mr. Sharma’s death, the family has had a rough time, but Mrs. Mary and Kate have always done everything they can to keep Edwina informed of their difficulties. But when the little girl grew up, the need for a dowry in order to marry her began to weigh on the heads of Sharmas, and they had to go to Sheffields for the money. They kindly agreed to cover Edwina’s dowry, but on one condition: that she marry a noble. After revealing this fact to Mrs. Danbury, Kate asks her not to tell Edwina. Afraid that her sister will marry the first nobleman she finds in order to get her family out of their predicament, she wants Edwina to have a chance at true love.

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In the wake of Mrs. Danbury, it’s time for Queen Charlotte to host her own ball. Pressured by Mrs. Wesleydon to name the diamond for the season, Her Majesty personally pays homage to all the young ladies, including Eloise (who had secretly befriended in season one) and Edwina. During the ball, Eloise has to slip back through the men trying to fill in her dance card and run outside with Penelope. She explodes with feeling judged solely by her looks rather than her mind and interests. In turn, Penelope admits that there are certain benefits to being a sunflower, such as listening to everyone’s conversations. For a moment, it looks like Eloise will reveal her friend’s secret, but luckily for Penelope, her mind has gone in another direction.

Meanwhile, in the ballroom, Anthony takes Edwina to the dance, and Lady Danbury uses her tricks to convince the Queen to give Sharmas a chance. As Viscount charms him with his conversation with Asghar Sharma, Ms. Danbury recalls a conversation early in the episode in which Queen Charlotte said she wanted to turn things around this season. By the end of the ball, Her Majesty Queen Edwina announces the new diamond, and Anthony is intent on marrying her. But Kate doesn’t have it: as soon as she sees her sister dancing with Lord Bridgerton, she pulls her aside for small talk.

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Returning to the Featherington residence, Lady Portia and her daughters arrived from the Queen’s Ball to find a pile of objects in the middle of the entrance hall. It looks like a new Lord Featherington has arrived, which isn’t as bad as the rumours have been reported. Or rather, the man who was rumored to be dead is now dead, and his son came from the Americas to seize the Featherington estate. Instead of being old and tough, Jack (Robert Young) is small, wrecked, and the question of Philip’s dowry has already been settled. Aside from Mrs. Portia’s annoyance at being kicked out of the master bedroom, it seems Mrs.’s luck is finally smiling at the Featheringtons.

With the weight of poverty on her back, Penelope decides to use her power to make some change, motivated by her previous conversation with Eloise. “Capital R Rake” ends with the women of London reading a very odd number of Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers that question the tradition of diamonds and assume that women should be valued for more than just their petty looks and skills. Eloise, of course, is ecstatic, but Queen Charlotte? Not much. Inadvertently, Penelope has made things much more difficult for the current diamond of the season.

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