Silent Hill-Inspired Mirror Forge promises awesome in a free demo

The upcoming indie survival horror game Mirror Forge is offering a free demo on Steam, giving fans the chance to test out its Silent Hill-inspired fears.

Those who still lament the lack of new the silent Hill Games might have another horror experience to scratch that itch, as a standalone game Mirror Forge It has a free playable demo that aims to present similar ghosts and frights. The last game in the Konami series, silent hills It was canceled back in 2015, though a playable teaser titled Simply PTlived in Notorious, inspiring countless other horror games.

PT It was made available for download via the PlayStation Store during Gamescom 2014, where it was announced as an independent project from a new developer. Upon completion of the demo, fans soon discovered that this was a hoax, and that the game was in fact a joke. the silent Hill Reboot named silent hills. The game project from Konami had famed developer Hideo Kojima on board, along with acclaimed film director Guillermo Del Toro, and the walking Dead Actor Norman Reedus. After the game was canceled shortly after, the trio continued to work together for Kojima Productions’ death strandand future the silent Hill And any new games have been in flux since then.

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next horror Mirror Forge It may offer something new to those who don’t have access to PT demo, where it promises to present a set of concerns in a file the silent HillInspirational world. The game, from developer MystiveDev, is a first-person psychological survival horror game in which players must explore, solve puzzles and…Wander between the realities of fear, madness and machines.“The trailer for the game shows a world that doesn’t just come back to it the silent Hillbut also to other basic elements of this type including lasts And the vampire. Those interested can try out the free demo for PC on Steam, before that Mirror ForgeSeptember 30th issue.

Members the silent Hill Lots of salutations should be noted within the trailer for Mirror Forge. The mysterious and unknown game enemies return to the previous games in u canon, while traveling between the facts seems to take inspiration from the hole in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Eagle-eyed fans may also notice the similarities between protagonist Thomas Jackson and silent hill 2James Sunderland, with the first seen in Mirror Forge A trailer in the bathroom echoes the opening echo of James’ trip to Silent Hill.

While he was not responsible the silent Hill which many still hope for, Mirror Forge It looks unique and terrifying enough to scare even the most survival horror fan. Lots of games have been inspired by the esteemed series in the past, but many of them have managed to stand on their own two feet in providing an immersive and exciting experience for the senses. Very similar to a file silent hills-Maybe countenanceAnd the Mirror Forge – And Free Demo – A must one for any horror player to try.

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Mirror Forge Coming to PC September 30th. A free trial is available on Steam now.

source: Mirror Forge / SteamAnd the Mystdev / YouTube

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