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Quentin Tarantino hasn’t finished expanding the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood universe, as the director already has several follow-up projects planned.

As the director’s love letter to Hollywood and movies, it comes as no surprise that Quentin Tarantino continues projects related to… Once upon a time in Hollywood. After the 2019 film was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, Quentin Tarantino announced that he will write a novel for the film, which will delve into the motivations of Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), while also filling in the gaps in the characters’ many backstory. Once upon a time in HollywoodTarantino’s novel quickly hit the bestseller list upon its debut, with no end in sight for Tarantino’s sub-projects in the film.

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While the novel Once upon a time in Hollywood It led to speculation about other films of the director such as Pulp FictionAnd the kill Billor tank dogs Getting a new treatment, Tarantino’s time seems to be somewhat occupied with the world of Rick and Cliff’s story. After the novel, Tarantino has already revealed his intention to do at least five projects related to it Once upon a time in Hollywood. It’s unclear if all of these projects will come to fruition, but a few are already rolling out in the near future.

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Although audiences are more interested in the prospects for his next new film, which will be Tarantino’s tenth and final film, his creative eye is still determined to broaden Once upon a time in Hollywoodtraditions. Consider the history of cinema and filmmaking is an inseparable part of Once upon a time in HollywoodThere are plenty of ways Tarantino could expand his coverage of these characters and his vision of Hollywood in the 1960s. In addition, with many in-movies and fantasy TV shows filmed in Once upon a time in HollywoodThere are accounts from the 2019 movie that are hardly touched. Below is a breakdown of each follow-up project for Once upon a time in Hollywood that Tarantino wanted to make, and what it would look like.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Extended Cut

A common feature of Quentin Tarantino films is that they usually have very long runtimes. Once upon a time in HollywoodThe theatrical clip is 161 minutes long, as well as a second version of the theatrical cut with an additional 10 minutes, but there are a lot of scenes the director had to remove before its official release. As he did in his 2015 movie The Hateful EightTarantino plans to release an expanded director Once upon a time in Hollywood, which will include an additional 40 minutes of footage. While it was previously speculated that Tarantino will release another 4-hour cut via Netflix as he did with The Hateful EightThere have been no updates or confirmation of the extended cut release strategy. From the deleted scenes Tarantino mentioned in interviews, it can be assumed that the director’s extended cut will appear Once upon a time in HollywoodCharles Manson dance scenes, other clips by Julia Butters, James Marsden as Burt Reynolds, Tim Roth as Jay Sebring’s butler, and Danny Strong as Dean Martin have been omitted.

Reward Law

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Rewards Law

Tarantino often mentioned his desire to adapt Reward Lawthe fantasy TV show in which Rick Dalton starred Once upon a time in Hollywoodinto a reality TV series. Once upon a time in Hollywood He showed some clips from the black and white 1950s TV Western show with Leonardo DiCaprio Rick Dalton as Jake Cahill, but Tarantino revealed that he had already written five scripts for the half-hour episode in preparation for the movie. Tarantino also said Delivery time In 2019, he plans to write three more episodes of Reward Law If the show pays off, but you’re not sure who will play Jake Cahill. The director stated that DiCaprio’s return to play Cahill would be ideal, but he’s not sure that’s plausible.

if it was Once upon a time in Hollywood The TV show happens, Tarantino wants to make the series into a movie, and he has a variety of different networks he might be eager to capture. Last update on Reward Law Was in July 2021 to Delivery timeTarantino said the series is still in the works, but he has been busy with various other projects. Tarantino also revealed that he wrote the series’ episodes and that Sony has expressed interest in making them, suggesting that Once upon a time in Hollywood The follow-up project is likely to become a reality.

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Cliff Booth World War II Project

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cliff Booth

In the same 2021 interview with Delivery timeQuentin Tarantino was asked about a section in a file Once upon a time in Hollywood The novel revealed that Cliff Booth’s World War II experiences were turned into a modest film. When Tarantino himself suggested about turning an era war hero Cliff Booth into a movie, Tarantino responded that “Someday [he’ll] Act [Cliff’s] Adventure in a prisoner of war camp. Tarantino did not elaborate on this idea, but since Cliff Booth has become one of the most popular aspects of Once upon a time in HollywoodA movie and a book, it seems that a sub-project of its time in World War II would be a recipe for success. Since it probably won’t star Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth in the WWII era given it happened 25 years ago OUATIHEvents, at least the audience actually saw Pete dealing with World War II settings with Tarantino Inglourious Basterds. Even if the movie wasn’t adapted from the Cliff Booth story, it gave Tarantino enough background on the character’s time as a prisoner of war to fill an episodic project.

Once Upon a Time in a Hollywood Theatrical Adaptation

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Rick Dalton Wasn't Like Spaghetti Westerns

In an all-new project for the film’s director, Quentin Tarantino announced in June 2021 (via Indiewire) that he intends to produce a phased adaptation of it Once upon a time in Hollywood to be held in Italy. Tarantino revealed that he actually wrote OUATIHThe theatrical version, which will feature an entire second chapter dedicated to Rick Dalton having dinner with Marvin Schwartz and director Sergio Corbucci in Rome. In the play’s version, Tarantino will explore more of Rick Dalton’s career in Spaghetti Western Italy as well as events not shown in the actual film or novel. Once upon a time in Hollywood. Tarantino made it clear that he would start making efforts to revive the play after it was finished Cinema speculation The book, so it may not be long before theatrical productions move forward.

OUATIH films by Rick Dalton book

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino also finished his second book on Once upon a time in Hollywoodtitled Rick Dalton movies, which chronicles the full movie and the life of Leonardo DiCaprio’s fictional character. Including critical quotes about his roles, summaries, and anecdotes about Dalton’s career until 1988 when he retired, Rick movies dalton It takes viewers into an imagined filmography of Rick Dalton either in works of fiction or in real-life projects in which he replaces actual actors. Tarantino revealed in December 2021 that he had completed the book, though he gave no indication of when exactly it could be expected on shelves. after Once upon a time in Hollywood book, Tarantino may now be able to get his start on television and film.

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