The forgotten Avengers Evil has returned to the Marvel universe

A short-lived version of the Dark Avengers, originally Students of the Taskmaster, returns in the new Venom series, but they aren’t off to a great start.

Warning! spoilers for Poison: Deadly Protector No. 1 Before!

What’s worse than team evil Avengers? A team of phantom evil Avengers, of course, have been trained by the Taskmaster’s mercenaries to imitate some of Earth’s most powerful heroes. This unexpected set of minions has been revived by its creator, David Michelini, for his new collection poison The series is set in the past against the hero who wears a symbiote.

With over 60 years of history, Marvel Comics has such a large cast of characters that some of them are easy to forget, especially those who don’t make an impact. This is the case of an unexpected team that first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #367 by David Michelinie, Jerry Bingham, Randy Emberlin, and Renee Witterstaette. Spider-Man investigates Red Skull after learning that his parents were government agents who died on a spy mission against the villain, which leads him to a property in Virginia. There, he meets the mercenary Solo, who is also on the tail of the Red Skull. Together, they enter the estate, where they encounter Schmidt’s bodyguard, the task manager, who sees this as a great opportunity to test “private the students.” Taskmaster already owns an academy where he trains villains and goons, and unleashes him”adorableProspects vs. Spider-Man and Solo.

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Death-Shield, Jagged Bow, and Blood Spider have been trained to mimic the fighting style of Captain America, Hawkeye and Spider-Man. They also have equipment identical to those of the heroes, and the Blood Spider has superpowers of undisclosed origins. However, none of that helps them, and they are easily dispatched while their beloved coach escapes. According to Taskmaster, they’re supposed to be “bad version of the avengers,“But they did so poorly that the authors were having some fun in this comic.

However, David Michelni took the opportunity presented by him Poison: Assassin Protector, a new series set in Eddie Brock’s past, to take the flick off this unlikely team. The series is written by Michelinie with art from Ivan Fiorelli and Bryan Valenza. However, the “Evil Avengers” are no better off facing Venom. After a clumsy attempt to destroy Eddie Brock unnoticed, the trio is ambushed by Venom. In the first two pages of Venom: Lethal Protector #1, Jagged Bow is killed by a ruthless symbiont, while the Death-Shield and Blood Spider run for their lives. Later in this issue, survivors are seen licking their wounds in an abandoned warehouse. They argue about whether taking on a job as a pizza delivery person is actually a better option than continuing with their decrepit career, when another unexpected villain appears: the Humbug. Upon hearing his name, Blood-Shield whispered, “And I thought the names Taskmaster gave us were lame!” This pretty much sums up the sad story of this unlikely team of costumed villains.

Poison: Assassin Protector It will explore Eddie Brock’s early days after his association with an alien symbiote. Having co-created the character of Venom (along with Todd McFarlane), David Michelinie was clearly the go-to choice for writing the five-issue mini-series, which bears the same title as Venom’s first single title since 1993. The Return of the Forgotten Trio ” disgusting Avengers” In this poison The series is a great treat for old fans, and now that they’ve enlisted the Humbug into their ranks, they’ll have a chance to finally make their mark. Maybe.

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