Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for slapping him at the Oscars

Will Smith on Monday apologized to Chris Rock for slapping him at the 94th Academy Awards Sunday night, saying in a statement that he was “out of line” and “embarrassing.” “Violence in all its forms is poisonous and destructive,” the actor said in a message. Post on Instagram Monday night. “My behavior at the Oscars last night was unacceptable and unforgivable.” “The jokes on my account are part of my job, but the jokes about Jada’s medical condition were too much for me to bear, and she reacted emotionally,” Smith…

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Fortune Hunter is shutting down

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Nathan Drake key art

Naughty Dog just announced that Sony is shutting down Uncharted: Fortune Hunter and the often-forgotten Uncharted 4 for free for Android and iOS. The Unknown The games are known for their 3D platforming and highly cinematic visual experience. Most fans will probably focus on the latest version Thieves’ Legacy Group Or look forward to the PC port coming to a Steam release later this year. However, one Unknown The game is about to disappear from the world. On March 28, Naughty Dog revealed its plan to retire from the free…

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Will Smith publicly apologizes to Chris Rock for his Oscar slap

After the controversial moment at this year’s Academy Awards, Will Smith publicly apologizes to Chris Rock for slapping him during the event. After the controversial moment in 94th Academy AwardsWill Smith publicly apologized to Chris Rock for slapping him in the face. The Oscars always come at the best, worst, and weirdest moments year after year. However, the 2022 event came with more drama than any viewers could possibly have been prepared for. One of the presenters was Chris Rock, who was there to present the Oscar for Best Documentary…

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Gotham Knights add Anna Lauer in a lead role in The CW


Anna Lor He’s heading off the streets of Los Angeles All Americans To the brave alleys of Gotham. Lor is set to join the cast Gotham Knights In the role they will see her as the main character, Stephanie Brown. The actress snatched the part as a replacement for a different artist who, for whatever reason, was unable to continue. Lore is the latest name on the order sheet featuring a group of talents including Misha CollinsAnd the Fallon SmithAnd the Tyler DichiaraAnd the Olivia Rose KeeganAnd the denying robinsonAnd…

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Epic Games Store deal allows users to get Deathloop on half off


Since its debut in December 2018, Epic Games’ digital video game storefront has proven popular among gamers looking to grab some great deals and discounts on different editions. With an ever-expanding catalog of exclusive games as well as third-party titles, the Epic Games Store is constantly adding new features and user-friendly services in a bid to become the PC player of all gamers. To continue this effort, Epic Games is now working on discounted offers at Deathloop To give Steam its competing storefront a run for its money when it…

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How to mark tweets as sensitive and why you should

Twitter now allows users to mark individual tweets as sensitive if they contain graphic images and videos. Here’s how to do it on the web and the mobile app. Twitter It recently made it easier for users to appropriately mark their sensitive tweets if they contain images, graphic or NSFW videos. Earlier, users had to flag their entire account with a warning even if they only posted one graphic image from a harmless account. By default, Twitter limits sensitive media with a warning message, but users have the option to…

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The Lost Ark: Faces Guide


The confrontation in the Ability Stone Cutter is something players will need to get to know intimately once they reach level 50 in missing coffin And get their Level 1 set. Gemstone “facing” is an actual practice in which a stone is cut and/or polished to remove inclusions or make it more aesthetically pleasing. Diamonds, for example, have facets before they are cemented into jewelry. Related: The Lost Astronomy: Side Questions You Shouldn’t Skip at lost ark The process of “countering” these stones is inherited from the ability to cut…

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The Producers Explained Moon Knight Limited MCU Communications

In a new interview, Moon Knight executive producer discusses the creative opportunity for Moon Knight to be independent from the rest of the MCU. Producer moon knight Clarifies the upcoming show’s lack of connection to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The upcoming Disney+ mini-series stars Oscar Isaac as the Marvel comic book superhero, a character not yet adapted to the cinematic form by Marvel. moon knight It seems to make an interesting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to its unconventional plot and the unprecedentedly complex…

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Deadpool MCU’s debut should copy one aspect of previous movies


With the MCU showing no sign of slowing down and just continuing to expand, and Wade Wilson shoving toward him like a foul-mouthed meteor that broke the fourth wall, there are plenty of ways Deadpool could join the MCU properties. In 2021 Kevin Feige confirmed it Deadpool 3 You’ll be part of the MCU and still be rated R, what remains is how the mouthed merc will make his debut in the MCU. While Reynolds appeared in a character alongside fan favorite Korg Motorcycle rental In the promotion of the…

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Clark Gregg joins Snowpiercer Season 4 Cast as he gets a new show

SHIELD star Clark Gregg’s agents will be joining TNT’s Snowpiercer in Season 4, with Paul Zybyszewski set to take on the series’ new acting role. Shield Agents Superstar Clark Gregg joins TNT snow hole In the fourth season, with Paul Zybyszewski to take over as the series’ new showrunner. Gregg and Zybyszewski worked together in the first four seasons of the ABC Studios and Marvel Television series. snow hole It was renewed for a fourth season before the third season premiered in July 2021. After a long journey to find…

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