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Intel 12th Gen 12900KS Processor
Intel Corporation

we I recently learned The new flagship 12th generation Intel Core i9-12900KS processor will arrive on April 5th. Described by the company as “the world’s fastest desktop processor,” a single chip would be an expensive one.

Intel’s Talking Tech event will happen Live broadcast on Twitch At 12PM PT, while there will be plenty going on during the event, enthusiasts will be able to build new computers with Intel’s new Alder Lake chip. After confirming that KS will debut on April 5th, Intel Share a full press release With plenty of details, not to mention the $739 price tag for the new CPU.

The new chip enables up to a maximum of 5.5GHz of turbo frequency (on a single core), and Intel claims it is the fastest desktop processor consumers can buy. Not only does Intel say it’s the “world’s fastest desktop processor”, it’s pushing it as the “ultimate CPU for its enthusiasts” thanks to these high speeds.

While Intel’s Core i9-12900KS can reach a top speed of 5.5GHz on a single core, which is impressive, that’s just one aspect of its speed. This chip features eight performance cores operating at 5.2GHz and eight (efficiency cores) cores operating at 4.0GHz. And while this only pushes the 12900K by a small margin, it’s still an improvement for the ardent enthusiast.

Fast clock speeds are great, but the most important factor will be how well the 12900KS performs in real-world applications and games. Well, that and the price. That’s because AMD’s new Ryzen 7 5800X3D will be released on April 20 for $449, making Intel’s latest chip more expensive.

And while Intel says the asking price will be $739 for the 12 Gen’ KS chip, we’ve already seen Newegg listings asking for $799, so we’ll have to wait and see. This new super-fast, high-performance desktop processor certainly won’t be cheap. Then again, it’s an unlocked chip aimed at enthusiasts.

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