Bird Alone 3.5.2 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Bird Alone APK is one of the best indie mobile games. Believe me, you can’t think of a beautiful game with a simple but sometimes unexpected idea like this one.

Introduction to Bird Alone

Being best friends with a lonely little bird is not an easy thing to get in the tumultuous life of today!

Have you ever felt so lonely as if you were lost in this noisy world? Have you ever felt intimidated by the thought of old age and death? You may always be stuck in the daily routine and not have time to yourself for a long time. You may be confused about where to start pursuing your passion. Or are you mature and find it boring to deal with the signs of aging… All those feelings, whether positive or negative, are a color palette in this life. Do you want to play a game where you can look at all your thoughts like that? If yes, then Bird Alone is here for you.


Bird Alone puts you in a somewhat strange but very cute situation. There is only one beautiful little parrot in this world. The only friend he has by his side is you.

Because you are his only friend, the little parrot will send you a lot of ideas from the small questions in life to the higher ideas that make you think about life and the value of the two words “best friends”.

Over time, they become more mature, and the parrot also gradually grows. The two make friends and together they realize many things. You go on a long journey from loneliness to courage, to grow and learn more about your life…

Why can birds alone make so many hearts flutter?

Bird Alone is where you can watch the animation, listen to the audio and choose the question. But it is also an image that can touch every soul. Game questions about everyday life give you the feeling that someone really cares about you and is listening to you. The colorful art paintings with vivid animation will help you see the colorful life. The resonant sound as each question appears reminds you of the submerged emotions you thought were buried deep in your heart. And beautiful, simple and sincere poems will help you find yourself.

In fact, it is not the parrot that is moving you, but the above things create a mirrored screen. Look in the mirror and get to know yourself in it. In this game, you can go through your childhood again, look back at your adolescence and look to the future. These are deep spiritual values ​​that not every good game can do.

When do you play Bird Alone?

My answer is every day. Waking up early in the morning, you can turn on the phone and talk to your little bird about each other’s life a little, which will brighten up a bright day for you.

For relaxing at night, you can also turn on Bird Alone to play. Listening to the little bird about thoughts, life, death, and the meaning of impermanence, you will find your soul more relaxed and at peace.

Bird Alone is not just a game, but a cure for pain, a place to fill lonely hearts, and a time to look at yourself for more positive energy.

Meditation through conversations

Did you take care of yourself enough? Have you received care from the people you dedicate all your energy to loving? Do you realize how beautiful your soul is? Many questions and cute activities with a lonely parrot will help you find your own answers…

The little parrot will ask you: What color do you prefer? Do you have many friends? where are they now? Have you ever thought about death? Are you enjoying your life these days? …

Then together you paint a colorful picture, write a poem to each other, open the music garden, and cuddle the parrot’s belly to hear the soft little squeak.

After everything you’ve done together, the budgie won’t be left alone. And you are also happier every time you open Bird Alone to play.

Above all else, Bird Alone is a panacea for everyone’s soul.

Download Bird Alone APK for Android

With beautiful graphics and outrageous music, Bird Alone does not make it difficult for any player. Just let your emotions flow, play slowly, and feel kind. Colorful life lessons are waiting for you.

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