Did you know that your iPhone has Boomerang Live Photo feature?

Taking a Photo on an iPhone Using Live Photo

By toggling the Live Photo effect on your iPhone, you can effortlessly create Boomerang videos without any third-party apps.

Take a photo on iPhone with Live Photo

Many of us use Live Photos to capture memories in animated snippets on our iPhones. But did you know that you can make Live Photos bounce back and forth, similar to the Instagram and Snapchat boom effect? Heres how to do it.

There are more Live Photos

Live Photos is a camera feature built into iPhones that allows users to record short video clips on either side of the photos they take. This results in a three-second video clip with audio.

Live Photos is a very old feature, which made its debut in iOS 9 with the release of iPhone 6S, where Live Photos was one of its main features.

A few years later, Apple upped its game by adding effects to Live Photos. These were released in iOS 11. It is these effects that allow you to create a mutation on your iPhone. Aside from adding effects, you can also edit your Live Photos, use Live Photos as wallpapers, and even turn them into GIFs.

How to add boomerang effect to live photos

It’s easy to add an effect to a Live Photo on your iPhone. To get started, take a Live Photo as usual. To do this:

  1. open the camerathen press vivid picture icon. The icon turns yellow when turned on.
  2. Click on shutter button as usual.

Once you are done capturing a Live Photo, go to the Photos app to edit it:

  1. Open Picturesthen select the Live Photo you want to edit.
  2. Click on vivid picture then select bounce, bounce.
  3. Instead of seeing the Live on top of the photo, you’ll see bounce, bounce.

Make a video today

The Bounce feature plays your Live Photo and then bounces back in the opposite direction in a loop, similar to the Boomerang effect popular on social media platforms like Instagram. Apart from this, there are two other effects that you can try:

  • episode: Instead of having to press hard on a Live Photo to play it, this effect plays it in a loop. It comes with motion blur effect.
  • prolonged exposure: This simulates the trick of shooting by using a slow shutter speed to blur the moving elements of the image without affecting the static ones.

Make Live Photos more cool

You no longer have to use social media platforms or third-party apps to make breakthroughs. Simply take a Live Photo on your iPhone, then switch it to the Bounce effect in the Photos app. It couldn’t be easier.

Someone takes a picture of their breakfast with their iPhone with Live Photos turned off

How to turn off Live Photos on iPhone

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