Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Easter eggs and the references are great

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Wonders of Tiny Tina It successfully blends the best aspects Borderlands Games tested dynamics of Tina as Bunker Master for a period Dungeons & DragonsLike a tabletop RPG using typical Borderlands humor. This makes it one of the most exciting games in the series, and it also appears with Wonders of Tiny TinaPlay episode of throwing spells and using guns in a fantasy environment. The game’s humor is perhaps the best the series has ever seen, and that comes from its topical RPG gags as well as many references to…

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Skyrim Player builds a house made of cheese

The recently featured Skyrim mode allows players to build houses and wear clothes made entirely from wheels of their beloved Skyrim cheese. that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The player has created a house and clothes made entirely of cheese wheels thanks to the model. SkyrimThe mod community has been widely praised, and Bethesda has taken advantage of this by collaborating with creators through Skyrim‘s Creation Club, which was created with last year Skyrim Anniversary Edition. The open world action RPG has been around for over a decade but it…

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Skyrim fan shows weird house made of cheese


Taking things a step further than Skyrim players flooding their homes with cheese, one fan creates an open-world home made entirely of cheese. Bethesda Softworks Provides Player Housing for Skyrim With the Hearthfire expansion, and since then, Sheikh manuscripts Fans were creating their idyllic dwellings in the vast frozen landscape. One Skyrim The player decided to create a house on the field apparently made entirely of cheese. Reddit user Rac-attack recently shared a picture of his house at SkyrimAnd the Which is notably located in an open field on the…

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Suicide Squad has officially been erased from the DC universe

Amanda Waller used the Suicide Squad to perform tasks that no one else could do, but now she’s officially disbanded them in the worst possible way. Warning: spoilers for Suicide Squad #14! after events War for Earth-3Amanda Waller has left the multiverse behind, and now she is making sure that suicide squad You wouldn’t be able to go on without it! Utilizing scorched earth tactics with her former team of their former negatives, Waller effectively put the team between a rock and a hard place, with no clear way out…

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Cute art set to clean up the unwritten Swedish death in the peacock


Peacock announced that the streaming service has ordered a new original series called The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning. This unscripted series comes from the creators of the popular series Queer Eye The Scout Productions Emmy Award winners and Amy PoehlerPaperback for production. The new series, based on the 2018 bestselling book written by Margherita Magnuson, about the Swedish practice known as Döstädning, or “death cleaning,” a tradition that sees a person, their family, and friends go by and rearrange their items in later years of life to remove…

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is getting another makeover code for April


Gearbox shares a new Shift code for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands that gives players the Skeleton Key, which can be used to get free loot. Wonders of Tiny Tina It adds many features that distinguish it from the standard Borderlands Game. It requires a slightly more linear approach, as players now advance through the game across the outside world map rather than exploring large areas on vehicles. Wonders of Tiny Tina It also comes with a character builder that allows players to get creative with designing the game’s hero. But, Wonders…

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Shazam is two stars because there have been no black heroines since Eartha Kitt

Shazam! Fury of the Gods star Meagan Good has spoken about the importance of black superheroes in the media when there were very few roles in the past. Shazam! wrath of the gods Megan Judd has spoken about the importance of black superheroes in film and television when there were few roles in the past. Good has had a steady career in Hollywood since the mid-’90s where he appeared on both the big screen and a bit. Her most famous credits include Eve BayoAnd the Save us from EvaAnd the…

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Manchester United want Rashford to stay and get his career back on track despite a deteriorating relationship with Leicester

Manchester United’s leaders hope to persuade Marcus Rashford to stay – and revive his career at Old Trafford. Rashford’s relationship with the club reached a new low when he was left out of the starting line-up against Leicester. 2 Marcus Rashford could stay at Old Trafford this summerCredit: Environmental Protection Agency The England star was squandered despite being the only acknowledged striker after Cristiano Ronaldo was ruled out due to illness. Rashford, 24, has considered resigning from United because interim coach Ralph Rangnick had no confidence in him. Paris Saint-Germain,…

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says atmospheric methane has reached a new high, rising at the fastest rate ever recorded.

The amount of methane in the atmosphere has risen to record levels and is increasing at the fastest rate on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The greenhouse gas—which is the second largest contributor to global warming—is more powerful than carbon dioxide, the primary driver of climate change, but it also degrades faster, making its effects short-lived. Some experts say curbing methane emissions may be one of the easiest and most effective immediate measures to slow climate change. Levels of methane in the atmosphere rose by 17…

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Modder makes a darker version of Star Wars Battlefront

Galactic Contention Jungle Stormtroopers

This massive diversion mod for the tactical first-person shooter Squad turns the game into a dark and gritty version of Star Wars Battlefront. star Wars It may have darker moments, but the franchise is more known for its dramatic lightsaber duels and epic space battles than it is for gritty ground-level combat. Even massive ground battles Star Wars: Battlefront It tends to be a relatively clean and bloodless case. However, there is a recent modification of the tactical FPS a team trying to change this. the games Galactic rivalry This…

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