Final evolution of pokemon scarlet and violet may be leaking online

pokemon scarlet violet leaks

The relatively recent Nintendo revealed pokemon scarlet and violet They left the fans wanting more. In this void, fan art, speculation and rumors piled up. The best thing to do is when the players see pokemon scarlet and violet A rumor is an assumption that it is fake, as is the case with many rumors. However, they are often good reflections of what the general community wants to see.

A new rumor maker has emerged in the wake of the revelations of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a Twitter user known as The SV Guy. He recently did a post where he had someone sketch out, roughly, what his final developments are pokemon scarlet and violetBeginners look like, based on his supposed experience with gaming. There is little reason to trust The SV Guy, especially since there is absolutely nothing to verify, and also if anyone comes across these images online, they should be taken with caution.

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According to The SV Guy, the final form of the Sprigatito is the Florarince, a type of grass/fairy based on the Iberian lynx and flamenco dancers. In this form, despite many desires, he will have two legs. The final form of Fuecoco is purported to be called Cucapiente, which is a Fire/Ghost Pokemon based on Cucafera and Quetzacoatl. Finally, the Quax is supposed to evolve into Cabospada, a watery/dark species based on Zorro and Don Quixote.

Pokemon Violet Scarlet Shapes

In general, the art of these Pokemon looks impressive and, to some extent, believable to what the final figures can look like. If this is presented as pokemon scarlet and violet Fan art, it will almost certainly be well received; However, as a supposed translation of a real Pokemon and a “leak”, the chances of it being real are slim – not impossible, since strange things have happened, but very slim.

There are several prominent reasons for this. It’s really unlikely that anyone would be able to access all the information they shared, especially without Nintendo’s involvement. The leaker said the area’s name is Fadal, and he discussed Pokemon Gen 9 gimmick, Pokemon in new forms, and more. On top of that, a lot of “leaks” fall into fans’ wishlists and wants – which are usually a sign that something is fake.

Really, the only things The SV Guy’s leaks add to the splash designs above are the name and the image. All of this, in one form or another, has been foretold before Pokemon Community: Sprigatito turned on two legs, writing specifically for “Cucapiente,” Quaxly’s Quixote inspiration, and more. Some of this may seem obvious, but the community will not do its job properly, especially with so little official information.

All in all, this spill is best eaten with a huge grain of salt. SV Guy has demanded another pokemon scarlet and violet The trailer will drop on Friday, April 29, to reveal the name of the district and more. For now, it remains to be seen if that’s the case, but it could help validate some of the leaks – if so.

Pokemon Scarlett and VioletIt is scheduled to be released in late 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.

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