Fans claim that PlayStation Classic titles are now unplayable

PS1 Classics

Fans claim that many digital classic PlayStation 1 and 2 games on PS3 and Vita are currently unplayable.

PS1 Classics

With Sony focusing on the PS5 console, it is inevitable that the company will be much older Play Station Devices will shut down their services over time. This includes the PS3, where support for the console ceased in 2017. Despite this, the console is supported by many players, either to play many of the popular titles released on the system or even some of the old classics sold in a store PlayStation, most notably many PSOne and PS2 classics such as Final Fantasy 7And Persona 3 FESAnd Mega Man Legendsand more.

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The closure of PS3 and Vita storefronts was originally announced last year, which many fans revolted against. Sony then backed away from that announcement again, allowing the store’s services to continue to operate. While many fans applauded the move, others were concerned about the company’s lack of interest in preserving video games, as a number of titles weren’t made available on both storefronts on modern systems. That rage appears to be returning, with several users reporting that their PS Classic games on older consoles are currently unplayable.

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This was first seen with a user on Twitter who saw his purchase of the PSOne Classic Edition from chrono cross He suddenly got an expiration date of 12/31/1969 and could no longer play the game on PS3 or Vita. This case has nothing to do with Chrono Cross Remastered recently released, another user showed that his purchase of Final Fantasy 6 I had the same problem and it has the same expiration date.

Threads on Reddit reported that several PlayStation Classic games had become unplayable, with one Reddit user claiming that their entire library of digital games purchased and downloaded would not play on their Vita, with an error message saying the content had expired. Kotaku assumes that this problem is related to something known as the “Unix era,” a random date that engineers set as the beginning of the age of the system. Then you also theorize that some kind of glitch in the Sony system caused PlayStation game licenses to expire back in the Unix era, making games unplayable after January 1, 1970.

Although this issue does not seem to affect every classic game or user, it is still a source of great frustration for gamers. Not only does it prevent players from accessing some of their favorite classics Play Station games, but also highlights the topic of video game preservation. As the gaming industry heads toward an all-digital future, many older video games become impossible to play, and digital versions can suddenly disappear or not function properly. Sony has yet to comment on these issues.

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source: Kotaku (via VGC)

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