Bridgerton Season 2 completely ignores Simon’s biggest mystery

Bridgerton’s first season hinted at a mystery about Simon’s background, with his absence in season two continuing to leave the disturbing drama unacknowledged.

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Bridgeton season 2.

although Bridgeton Season two resolved a number of unanswered questions, yet the series still completely ignored the biggest mystery about Simon from season one. Bridgeton The first season documented the love story of Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett, and the character of Reggie Jean Page was completely absent from the second season. Granted, the series’ focus has shifted away from the Duke and Duchess of Hastings to the love story of Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, but season two still inexplicably refuses to acknowledge the most important mystery about its former male hero.

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Like BridgetonHis focus continues to shift away from Daphne and Simon as he heads toward the love stories of the remaining Bridgerton siblings, and it seems increasingly unlikely that the remaining questions about Simon’s past will ever be answered. Bridgeton Season one saw many flashbacks of the abuse and neglect of Simon by his father, Lord Hastings, following the death of his mother. Lord Hastings is revealed to be a ruthless man who rejected Simon for his stuttering, as Lady Danbury steps in as Simon’s only true patroness to direct his education and development into a confident man of high society.

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The dramatic story of Simon with his father was just as important Bridgeton Season one as Daphne’s family history, but as Daphne’s background continues to be fragmented in future seasons through her siblings, Simon’s past largely remains a mystery. As he transcends the hatred he held against his father when he decides to start a family with Daphne, Bridgeton He is still barely dipping his toes in exploring the truth behind the ruthless nature of the former Lord Hastings. While building on examples of the vile nature of Lord Hastings, one of the Bridgeton Simon’s memories of season one depict him insulting Mrs. Danbury during a back-and-forth dialogue that ends with him threatening to keep her.”b*tch mouth closed. “When it comes to Lady Danbury’s handwriting, she will not pardon Lord Hastings.”repeatedlyBridgeton She was hinting that she had incredibly compelling information about Simon’s father – especially since she later referred to Simon as “knows everythingBefore referring to Lord Hastings’ past.

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Bridgeton Season 1’s excitement about Simon’s secret past suggested that season 2 would make an important revelation that could lead to Hastings’ downfall, or at least his rejection from high society. However, there was no follow-up to such clues at all Bridgeton The second season, with Simon and Daphne instead shows that they live a nice and quiet life together. Even as Lady Danbury looks after a new family with a controversial past of its own, Bridgeton Season 2 does not mention her relationship to Lord Hastings’ previous actions. Lady Danbury keeps as many secrets as Lady Whistledown does, but she’s clearly much better at keeping it quiet.

As Simone’s surrogate mother, Lady Danbury would never intend to harm his standing by revealing his father’s apparent abhorrent actions, but it’s still curious to know why. Bridgeton The second season never explained her secret knowledge. In the first season, Mrs. Danbury mentioned Lord Hastings to Simon as a way to warn him of falling down a similar path, but there was no proper way to pursue his mysterious past without the Duke in attendance. Bridgeton Season Two: The supposed information that Lady Danbury is privy to is still an important aspect of Simon’s legacy, which will inevitably pass on to his son and Daphne’s son, Augie. While it is not clear if Simon will return Bridgeton Season three, solving the mystery of his father and Mrs. Danbury will remain essential to creating a comprehensive history of Daphne’s children in the future.

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