Thomas Jacobs reveals plan to propose to Becca Kufrin

Bachelor Nation star Thomas Jacobs, who met girlfriend Becca Kufrin, on Bachelor in Paradise season 7, revealed his future plan to make a show. Bachelor in Heaven Actor Thomas Jacobs, who met his girlfriend Becca Kufrin on the beach in Mexico last summer, revealed his plan for a future proposal to her. Thomas, who was portrayed as a villain in Katie Thurston’s season The bacheloretteI found love with Becca in a beautiful redemption story one day Bachelor in Heaven. Thomas has since proven to be a kind, loyal and supportive…

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Lee Daniels’ Sammy Davis Jr. Biopic Casts Elijah Kelly in the Hulu Series


While biopics can be all the rage these days, Hulu will try something different. Today, the streaming service announced that it will pair up with Lee Daniels To create a limited series about the life of the legendary singer Sammy Davis Jr. And to tell the story behind one of the greatest artists of all time, they’ll need a segment-level actor. Enter a multi-hyphenated performer, Elijah Kelly. Triple Threat as an actor, singer, dancer, musical theater and movie buff alike is bound to know Kelly from his appearances in projects…

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Control 2 may keep Jesse inside the oldest house

Control's Jesse Faden flying into a warped portion of the Oldest House

Several months ago, Remedy Entertainment officially revealed that they were working on a major sequel to control. Since then, the game hasn’t seen the light of day, but it’s still exciting to know that an ambitious sequel of some kind is in the works. Remedy Entertainment was already well known Alan Wake And Max Payne, But control It really helped define her identity for a new generation of fans. Now that Remedy has found a powerful new franchise in the form of control, You are entitled to start experimenting with…

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Teddy Mellencamp admitted she no longer misses RHOBH

Teddy Mellencamp says she doesn’t miss being at RHOBH. She admitted that it took an entire season for her to recover from her dismissal, but she is doing well. Join Teddy Mellencamp Arroyaf The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in season 8 and was abandoned after season 10, but she recently shared that she no longer misses the show. Teddy was known as the daughter of John Cougar Mellencamp, but she tried to make her own mark RHOBH As an accountability coach, wife and mom. Unfortunately, Teddy did not resonate…

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Star Wars Characters That Should Be Canon


When did Disney get the rights star WarsMost of the expanded universe fell from the canon. It’s all for the better – it doesn’t make sense to associate a new movie series with books, comics, and games that were published decades ago. However, that doesn’t mean Disney can’t return a few of the canceled characters to the new canon. They are willing to do so in certain situations, as evidenced by the emergence of Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels. There are more characters from the mythology continuity worth reintroducing, and…

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What you need to know

Freevee logo

Starting on April 27, 2022, the free streaming service IMDb TV will be called Freevee. The ad-supported platform has seen rapid growth in the past few years, and Amazon wants to make sure that the name of the platform reflects what the service has to offer. IMDb TV turns into Amazon Freevee at press releaseAmazon announced that it is changing the name of IMDb TV to Amazon Freevee on April 27, 2022. According to Ashraf Al Karmi, Director of Freevee: Our new name says who we are: an easy-to-navigate streaming…

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Pokemon picture comparing the heights of all supporters

pokemon gamefreak nintendo red

Pokemon trainers begin their journeys at the age of ten, and one fan shows a chart highlighting the differences in height between ten trainers. in World PokemonThe coach begins his journey at the age of 10, has a small creature wrapped in a ball and ventures out into a vast world full of adventures and challenges. Along the way, they earn gym badges, take down organized crime lords, and try to complete a Pokedex at the same time. While the endless possibilities may seem overwhelming to most 10-year-olds and 11-year-olds…

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The new Moon Knight power creates a huge plot hole from the Avengers

Following Khonshu’s actions in Moon Knight Episode 3, the moon god and his avatar Marc Spector must have trouble escaping the Avengers’ notice. warning! spoilers ahead for moon knight Episode 3. While moon knight It’s pretty much a stand-alone story within the MCU, and the new power shown by Mark Spector and his god Khoncho seems to create a plot hole when it comes to the Avengers. at moon knight Episode 3, Arthur Harrow and his forces restore the scarab compass leading to Amit’s secret tomb. Desperate and short on…

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Grace and Frankie Season 7 trailer celebrates the series’ legacy


It’s been a wild ride, but…nothing lasts forever. Today, Netflix revealed the trailer for the final episodes of Grace and Frankie, a comedy series that definitely crossed the line and changed the perspective of how to approach the lives of the elderly. Back in August, the streaming device only teased us with the last season by dropping four episodes into the catalog. Now, the remaining twelve episodes of season seven are set to premiere later this month, and they’re sure to send Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) with…

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Elden Ring Millicent Mission Series Locations: Should I Challenge or Help Her?

GameRevolution logo

Millicent’s mission is one of the main themes of the story elden ring. However, finding both the mission’s starting point and Millicent locations after each part is difficult enough that many players can’t make it to the end without calling a clue. Fortunately, we’ve tracked every place Millicent appears and what happens when players get a chance to challenge her or help her on her end. Elden Ring Millicent Mission: Locations and Endings Finding the beginning of the Millicent quest in the Elden Ring is hard enough. Actually does not…

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