Madeline announces her due date after revealing the pregnancy

After announcing her pregnancy, Ultimatum star Madlyn Ballatori revealed when she would give birth to her first child with Colby Kissinger.

After announcing her pregnancy, Warning: marry or go ahead Madeleine Ballatori revealed when she will welcome her first child. Madeleine entered the Netflix series after receiving a warning from her then-boyfriend Colby Kissinger. Earlier this week, Madeleine was seen with a ring on her finger. And sure enough, the couple got married at the end of the season.

While appearing on the hit show, Madeline and Colby’s year-and-a-half relationship seemed to be on shaky ground. The blonde admitted that her boyfriend teased her, even making fun of his cowboy hat. It also flowed a lot that marriage partner Randall Griffin was the perfect man, even for his girlfriend Shanick Imari. And when she and Colby got together three weeks later, they quarreled over him as he texted other women. Given all the drama between the pair, many fans were shocked to learn that Madeline and Colby ended up together, not to mention being husband and wife. And viewers were even more surprised by the news that they were going to become parents.

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On Wednesday, April 13, after the final premiere on Netflix, Madeline She shared a video montage of her trip with Colby on her Instagram page. It included several photos of what their nearly year-long marriage looked like. As it turns out, she and Colby will be welcoming a bundle of joy pretty soon. In her Instagram comment, Madeline wrote that their baby would be born in three weeks. She also revealed that she will be a baby girl. H! News The publication of an interview with future parents revealed more details. “We have a baby, we live together, ” Madeline commentedAnd adding “We couldn’t be happier.”

Explanation of the schedule Alarm The first season cast member revealed that she and Colby found out that they were going to be parents three months after filming wrapped. “The show ended in May,” She said , “I got pregnant in August.” Madeline also revealed that they had a baby shower, and a co-star attended, though she didn’t say who. Elsewhere in the interview, Madeleine emphasized that their relationship improved after the show and before their daughter’s arrival. “Once we’re out of that hot and crazy mess of the situation,” I explained, “We are able to communicate, open, honest and [be] Understanding each other is on a completely different level.”

On the Netflix series in Austin, Texas, Madeleine’s friends and family weren’t entirely supportive of Colby. Like Madeleine herself, they seemed even more fascinated by Brandal. However, the expectant mother revealed Things have changed since the wedding. “They somewhat understood and trusted me that when I made my decision, they were 100 percent behind me.” She said. Judging by her Instagram caption, the couple is now in new bliss. call their marriage”The most beautiful year of my life,” Which ‘Greatest gift,’ Madeline pays tribute to Colby “This is a passionate, loving, strong partner.” She added that she and their unborn daughter “So lucky that you are in love” Signing a social media tribute, Your daughters.

The show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey raised many eyebrows with its premise. However, in the case of Madeleine and Colby, the social experiment seemed successful. Lacheys also hosts another Social Experience relationship series on Netflix, love is blind. Like warning, This show produced happy marriages despite the odds. love is blind It was a huge hit for Netflix, with the streaming service producing spin-offs in Brazil and Japan. Fans will have to wait and see if spin-offs will also come out of the amazing success of Alarm.

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source: Madeleine Ballatori/ Instagram, H! News

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