Righteous Gems director Jodi Hale gets a package deal with HBO


HBO ties the knot with one of its most proven and successful partners. for every The Hollywood ReporterAnd Judy Hill He signed a comprehensive one-year deal to direct and produce television series for HBO and HBO Max which includes continuing his efforts as the directing mind behind one of the biggest comedies in streaming. Good gems. He assures that he will once again preach the gospel of the hypocritical criminal religious family and the empire of the gigantic church.

Under the HBO banner, Hill has been a multi-talented comedian for years now. In 2009, he started his career with the company as a creative partner for Danny McBride for the popular series east and down. Demonstrating his versatility, he wrote, directed and produced the series with McBride and even directed the pilot. Then, in 2016, he did the exact same thing Deputy Directors. With Good gems, reunited with McBride, though he swapped out a writing-acting role as Levi, a member of McBride’s Jesse gang, all while directing the series. Hill also took over on an episode of peace maker.

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Outside of HBO, Hill has also been a part of the short-lived FX sitcom Cuisine Who is the crew east and down partnership with archer production team. Along with McBride, he has also created and directed The legacy of the white-tailed deer hunter for Netflix. Even without his new deal, Hill’s future still involves HBO to some degree. Will work as a product for a colleague the righteous Gemstones boss David Gordon Greenthe new Hillrice When it finally launches. When HBO’s Gospel Laughter Riot was renewed for a third season on the platform, Hill was also supposed to take over again.

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Amy GraphiteHBO, executive vice president of programming, celebrated Hill’s commitment to another year in the HBO fold, saying, “Judy has been responsible for some of the toughest laughs on our comedy slate over the past decade. I’m glad he’ll be back to Good gems For the third season, I’m looking forward to the new stories he wants to tell. With the deal in place, Hill can now focus on where he takes the Gemstone family from here. In an interview with Collider in January, Hill discussed how long television presenters can be and what his and McBride hopes are for the future of the series:

We’ve spoken with Danny and based on the conversations, it looks like he wants it to last a long time. There is no real end point now. There’s an idea of ​​where we’ll end up with, but there’s no reason to really slow down on making the chapters. It’s the first time, with any of our shows, this has been the case. east and down And Vice principles He had a specific end goal in mind. I think this could go on for a while.

No date has been announced for the premiere of Good gems third season. The rest of the series is available exclusively on HBO Max.

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