Wordle 299’s answer on Apr 14, 2022


Today’s puzzle is the 299th Wordle puzzle and to celebrate nearly 300 Wordles combinations, fans can try to guess a brand new word today.


Word Almost 300 puzzles. Players can still pick up a new word every day on the New York Times Games website; Just as always, they have six guesses to arrive at the correct answer. If fans need a hint or two to keep them Word The winning streak is intact, check below.

How to play Wordle

Word It has been a sensation since the beginning of 2022. It seems to be ubiquitous in the English-speaking world. There are also thousands of clones, replicas, and similar games that have also appeared since January. there It is an electronic gameThemed version of WordAnd Pokemon Replicas, even Wordles With additional letters or words added to the mix. Despite its viral nature, there are still plenty of word puzzle fans out there who haven’t tried it yet. So here’s how it all works.

Today’s video games

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All rules, clues, and answers in this article will only be relevant to the NYT version of Word. This is the original version of Word That was bought by the New York Times back in February. If players find one of many replicas, clones, or variations, the rules and answers may be slightly different. Once players are sure they are in the correct location, they will need to choose a word that begins with five letters.

  • Type your starting word into the website and press enter.
  • The color of the letters will change.
  • green – right
  • Gray – incorrect
  • Yellow – correct but in the wrong place in the word
  • Letters can be repeated in the same word, as in VIVID or DODGE.
  • Players have a total of six attempts to reach the answer.
  • Puzzles reset at midnight local time every day.

Tips for Wordle 299 for April 14, 2022

Today’s word is not difficult. It is definitely not the most difficult of all the previous 298 Word Puzzle answers. But for those who need some hints, here are some guides to help players reach the end of their six guesses with a win.

  • Today’s word is cooking.
  • It does not contain any duplicate characters.
  • It features two vowels.
  • The word of the day begins with the word M.
  • The Word The answer contains one N.
  • It also has C.
  • The word of the day ends in E.

Reply to Wordle 299 on Apr 14, 2022

full answer to Word 299 for April 14th, right below this image. Be warned: spoilers ahead.

Wardl 25 Characters

answer Word Puzzle 299 is minced meat.

Word Available for any browser.

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source: WordAnd reddit

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