Christopher Lloyd to reprise the role of Roseanne


Bev’s old lover is now a decorated, congratulatory teacher.

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Four years after he was first introduced to the Connor family as Beverly’s new, dubious friend, Lou In RoseanneVeteran Actor Christopher Lloyd Joins the ABC sub-series Connors In the same role according to Limit. He is scheduled to re-enter the series for the episode “The Best Laid Plans, A Contrabassoon and A Sinking Feeling” that airs on May 4. Prepared and dressed with Lloyd John Goodman.

Lou’s reappearance won’t be related to Beverly this time around, but instead to Mark. He’ll teach Mark how to play getaway, but not without a little tension and head butting. After the two of them get on with it, Dan is forced to step in to help Mark and confront Lou, but he realizes that there is more common ground between the two than they initially seem. Meanwhile, the main episode plot will center around Darlene and her inability to manage the stress of building. When a serious accident occurs, she makes a life-changing decision after reconsidering everything that happened.

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Judging from the photo and episode description, it looks like he’s been putting together a little more since the last time he was around the Conner family. When he was feeling comfortable with Bev during an episode of RoseanneIn the season of Renaissance, he brought out Roseanne and Jackie with his not-so-smooth speaking and general greasy demeanor. Roseanne also had to help him put on his compression stockings because Jackie would never touch his feet. We’ll see a smarter side of the character as he guides Mark through his lessons.



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Apparently Lloyd is best known as Doc Brown in the classic time travel flick Back to the future, but we’ve been in the midst of some Lloyd renaissance lately. Now at the age of 83, he has been set as a team Rachel Lee Cook Later this year to the family advantage Halloween spirit Based on the famous fashion store of the same name. Perhaps Lloyd’s most exciting upcoming look is his addition to the cast The Mandalorian The third season in an unknown role. Furthermore, he also recently appeared in Bob Odenkirk-Drove Nobody Beside tender bar And he made a fun appearance as Doc Brown-inspired Rick Sanchez in a live-action trailer for Rick and Morty.

New episodes of Conners Broadcasts Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Lloyd will make a second impression as Lou in the new episode on May 4.


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