Genshin Impact launches Tsubaki in a snowfall trailer


Genshin Impact’s latest animated trailer focuses on the famous Kamisato Ayaka and gives fans a look at the character’s backstory.

Jinshin Tsubaki Snowfall Trailer Impact

Jinshin effectSuperb animated trailers for ‘have become a staple in new character releases and major story updates for the game. Kamisato Ayato, the latest new character added to the game, has received a slew of trailers for its debut at the head of the Kamisato clan. Now, with a replay The second banner of Update 2.6 for a fan-favourite character in Ayato’s sister Ayaka, the new trailer gave fans a look at Shirasagi Himegimi’s backstory.

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Ayaka, the younger sister of Ayato, became one of the most famous parts of Jinshin effectThe list of Inazuma members since its launch along with the Japanese-themed region last July. She played a major role in all of the early parts of Inazuma’s main storyline and became a popular identification choice as a DPS character. Now, a new animated clip shows scenes from the character’s past and even hints at the moment she received her vision.

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The trailer for “Tsubaki in Thawing Snow” released earlier this week features the Ayaka family’s and Yashiro Committee’s memories of a sparring session with her brother Ayato. Scenes from the trailer show Ayaka playing shogi with her mother and frolicking in a field of blooming flowers with Ayato and their parents. As the trailer is about Ayaka “waking up from her dream” and helping her brother with the duties of the Yashiro and his clan’s committee, the training fight between the siblings comes to a thrilling conclusion as Ayaka receives her vision of Cryo as she outplays Ayato in a duel for the first time.

Many fans have drawn comparisons between the launch trailers for Ayaka and Ayato with the characters sharing not only similar sword-style fighting styles but excellent gameplay chemistry between the two. The latest Ayaka-focused trailer also heavily features Ayato and the relationship between the Kamisato siblings with the upcoming duel as Ayaka seeks to relieve some of the burden of being the leader of the Yashiro Committee and the head of the Kamisato clan.

With the wrapping up of Ayato’s banner earlier this week, many Jinshin effect Fans have already turned their attention towards the future with plenty more in the pipeline for this RPG hack. Hoyoverse has already revealed Yelan and Kuki Shinobu as upcoming characters to join JinshinPlayer List 2.7 and recent leaks have teased fans with more details about one of Dendro’s first in-game characters, Collei, expected to arrive alongside the Sumeru region this summer. It will ensure that there are a large number of new characters on the horizon Jinshin effect Fans are treated to a lot of cool animated trailers for the game.

Jinshin effect Now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is under development.

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