The manager said singer Tom Grenan was injured and robbed in an “unprovoked attack” outside a New York City bar

British singer Tom Grenan has been hospitalized after an “unprovoked attack and robbery” outside a New York City bar after performing his show this week, his manager said.

Grenan was allegedly attacked “in the early morning hours” Thursday “outside a bar in Manhattan” after a performance Wednesday night. At the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattansaid the director, John Dawkins, at A statment Thursday evening.

“Tom is currently in the hospital where he is being evaluated by doctors for his injuries, which include a ruptured ear, a ruptured eardrum, and a problem with his previously broken jaw,” Dawkins said.

26 years olda little bit of loveThe singer is currently touring the US as part of his Spring/Summer 2022 tour.

“Nevertheless, Tom is in good spirits but needs to recover temporarily while doctors assess his ability to continue his tour,” the statement continued, noting that Friday’s show in Washington, DC, would be postponed.

“We would like to thank Tom’s wonderful fans in the United States for their support and understanding.”

It is not clear outside the tape where the alleged attack took place.

The New York City Police Department told NBC News early Friday that it was not aware of an attack involving Grenan.

“There is no report of this name in the file,” the ministry said.

Earlier on Thursday, he posted photos of Grenan’s station in New York City on his official Twitter account. The photos were accompanied by the caption: “The big apple you have so much is magic.”

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