10 episodes where Zack was an absolute jerk

Although Zack Morris is technically the main character of Save him by ringing the bellThis does not mean that he is the most admired among fans. With his many obvious flaws on the show, it’s pretty clear, especially after all these years, that Zack isn’t the best Save him by ringing the bell Favorite characters or fans by any means.

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Usually the main characters are also the protagonists of the show, but Zack’s charm and good looks did not save what he lacked in his character. Between his misogynistic tendencies and his rush to throw his friends under the bus to save himself, there are quite a few episodes that stand out in terms of his worst moments.

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“Aloha Slater”

Season 1 Episode 6

Slater wears Hawaiian accessories

Upon discovering that Slater’s father wants AC to move with him to Hawaii, jealous Zach gets the idea to tell his friends that Slater is dying and the only way he’ll leave him for treatment in Hawaii is if they are too mean to him. We will leave. When Kelly volunteers to move to Hawaii with Slater in his final days, Slater plays along with the prank to teach Zack a lesson.

Although Zach knew his plan had failed, he never apologized and never told Slater why he came up with this horrific plan out of jealousy and insecurity in the first place, and in true Saved By The Bell way, Zach’s mistakes were overlooked and forgotten, never to be Raise him again.

Driver Education

Season 2 Episode 4

Zack and Slater fight while Kelly watches

Although there have been many times Zack has been a great friend, this episode wasn’t one of them. Soon when Zack gets jealous of Slater potentially getting his driver’s license before him, he sabotages his best friend so that he fails to get Zack ahead.

Not only did Zack prepare the practice car for a crash causing a head injury for Kelly and Slater, but he continued to blame Slater for the crash since he was driving and claimed he would be man enough to admit if it was his fault. If there’s one thing Zack does better than lying, it’s he never apologizes.

“Miss Bayside”

Season 2 Episode 8

Screaming Miss Bayside win on stage with Mr. Building

It’s no secret that Screech’s “friends” frontier line bullied him and pushed him in the opposite direction, but Zach took it a bit too far in the “Miss Bayside” episode. When the school was holding a beauty pageant, a conversation arose about entering men too, not just girls.

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Not only did Zack’s cheats cause his girl girlfriends to compete head-on, but he framed Slater for hitting him screaming in the face, and later excused Screech’s story by claiming he was mentally ill, all to cover up his schemes. What would have been a brilliant progressive episode turned out to be a brutal episode, filled with Zack’s stabbing in the back.

“Jesse song”

Season 2 Episode 9

jessie crying for zac

all Save him by ringing the bell Fans remember this iconic episode of Jesse’s meltdown, but what they don’t remember is Zack’s induction into Jesse’s addiction due to his ignorance. When Slater confronts Zack with concern about Jesse switching to a caffeine pill, aka speed, to stay awake and study, Zack ignores her and even gets angry at the suggestion.

If only Zack had listened to his caring friends, he could have stopped them with them to put an end to his drug use, but since he chose to live in ignorance with a lack of care, the problem continued until Jesse had a breakdown.

“Run Zack”

Season 2 Episode 13

Zack is looking for an original accessory

In a highly controversial episode that even the actor who plays Zack, Mark Paul Gosselaar, is forced to apologize, “Running Zack” portrays an indifferent version of Zack as he not only admits to his lack of interest in his Native American ancestry but makes a caricature of his ancestors in front of the class.

Fortunately, his teacher was able to talk to him about why he did what he did wrong, but Zach had to do more research to find out why wearing and mocking Native American headdresses was not appropriate at all.

“Auction Date”

Season 3 Episode 15

Zach is in shock looking at Wendy

When Bayside decided to organize a dating auction to raise money for the cheerleading team, Zach was bought by a girl named Wendy, and he wasn’t happy to see her. Wendy made many efforts to talk enthusiastically about the dance, but all Zack did was make excuses and lie each time to get out of their plans.

Wendy comes to her senses and gets angry with Zach, claiming that she shouldn’t be treated differently just because she doesn’t look like the other skinny girls in Bayside. Zach came on later, not because he single-handedly realized he was “obese phobia,” but because he was only saving face.

Bayside Triangle

Season 4 Episode 5

Zack and Lisa kissing

With the weight of impending graduation on their hands, Lisa makes a last-ditch effort to gain fashion recruits for her dream school by throwing a fashion show, and Zack volunteers his “help” for selfish reasons, aka getting close to models. Seemingly out of nowhere, Zack takes advantage of Lisa’s weakness by kissing her multiple times, noting Screech once.

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Although Lisa had no interest in Screech, Zack knew that Screech had been following her since day one and was crushed upon seeing them kissing. Zach again refuses to take any accountability or apology and by the end of the episode, everything has been pardoned again, so his constant lack of apologies always seems to end in his favour.


Season 6 Episode 2

Zack talking to Melissa on the phone

It’s no secret now that Zach was really bad with girls, no matter how confident he was that he was a “ladies man.” This remains true in the “Teen-Line” episode when Zack initially played it nicely with Melissa over the phone, before finding out in person that she was in a wheelchair.

Not only was it bad enough that he looked at her differently, but he tried to overcompensate by pointing out her disability and being performative when accommodating her in public. Although he might have thought he was coming from a good place, all he did was embarrass her.

“Drinking and Driving”

Season 6 Episode 5

Lisa, screaming, Slater and Zack in the car about to break down

When Zack and his friends chose to party one night and drank a few beers, he stupidly offered to drive everyone home while under the influence. Not only did he try to be the tough guy, he ended up crashing Lisa’s mother’s car into a telephone pole.

Instead of apologizing or admitting his mistakes, he makes his friends lie to cover up his mistake. Fortunately, once they realized they couldn’t lie anymore, all of his friends came forward and confessed the truth, Zack’s father even gave him a stern talk about how they could have killed or killed someone else. At least someone in this town has a mind!


Season 6 Episode 7

Boys vs Girls School Competitive Games

Many fans will likely admit that they would have liked to attend Bayside back in the day, however, times like this have proven the number of unnecessary contests they put up where chaos will always arise. After the school’s rich benefactor dies and leaves a good amount of money for the students, they decide to host a battle of the sexes in a series of competitions to see who gets the money for their sports teams.

Not only does Zack show many signs of extreme misogyny, but he cheats his way through competitions and screws up girls on multiple occasions. After the million times of refusing to admit his mistakes and starting a full-blown gender war, he was somehow pardoned at the end of the episode, once again.

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