The 10 Best Wii RPGs Ever, According to Metacritic

Although the console is defined more by its platforms such as Super Mario Galaxy Games and action and adventure titles like the legend of zelda series, the Nintendo Wii hasn’t completely left RPG fans out. with addresses from Xenoblade Chronicles And monster hunter Both of the perks that get the Wii versions, remain a solid console for fans of the genre.

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In addition to those giant hits, there are also plenty of smaller scale RPGs for players to explore. With so many options available, Metacritic’s review aggregator makes it easy to compare titles and see which were the best RPGs of the Wii generation.

10 Monster Lab – 73

Monster Lab cover logo

It is an RPG that allows the player to live the crazy imaginations of scientists, Monster Lab It puts the player in charge of a monster creation facility with the task of creating the best human monsters possible. There are 150 monster components in the game which give different effects, which means a high degree of customization.

The generated monster can be used to fight enemies and acquire components to create more parts, while fun mini-games to create components actually break up the gameplay. Although the systems used in regards to creating monsters are different, the game is easy to understand even for younger players which is a key part of its appeal.

9 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance – 73

Venom in Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Launched in 2006 before the MCU started to take shape, Marvel: The Ultimate Alliance It proved an early hit with a crossover of some of the most beloved superheroes in the Marvel universe. One of the best Marvel video games ever, Marvel Ultimate Alliance It uses action and RPG elements in which the player creates their own superhero team from a large list of heroes.

As Doctor Doom brings villains together for his plans to take over the world, there is fun to be found in bringing together extraordinary superheroes to defeat him. The game also offers rewards for collecting teams from the comics, including X-MenAnd awesome 4even Avengers.

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8 Pandora’s Tower – 73

Pandora Tower

Created as the first original game by Ganbarion, a studio mostly known for producing popular anime-based fighting games, Pandora Tower It is an unforgettable RPG with multiple endings. The events take place in a fictional world on the continent of Imperia, the player controls the protagonist, a former soldier named Eron.

The plot begins with a love for Eron who has been struck by a curse that causes her to turn into a monster, requiring the player, like Eron, to explore thirteen towers on his mission to raise them. With varied gameplay aided by the addition of a unique and useful weapon called the Oraclos Chain, Pandora Tower Still an interesting RPG.

7 Final Fantasy Myths: Chocobo’s Dungeon – 76

A game from the somewhat inconsistent Chocobo series, part of the Final FantasyAnd Chocobo Dungeon It is a fun little dungeon crawl diversion. Is characterized by Final Fantasy Mainstays Cid, and of course Chocobo, the game begins by taking them to a mysterious land where people’s memories are stolen and left in dungeons.

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It’s up to the pair to delve into the dungeons, recover lost memories, and help people rediscover who they are. The story is interesting to watch as it unfolds and there is just something about exploring dungeons and beating enemies in turn-based combat that never gets old. By infusing it with some new elements, Chocobo Dungeon He managed to punch well above his weight.

6 Rune Factory Frontier – 79

Gameplay of Rune Factory Frontier

One feature of the Wii is that, like all Nintendo consoles, it had a lot of exclusive features that weren’t available anywhere else. While they are usually big titles like Mario And the legend of zelda Games that have a real lottery, small and unique titles like RON FRONTIER FACTORY It also helped attract players to the platform.

the first rune factory home console gameRon Frontier Factory It blends RPG and simulation elements in an engaging and well-realized fantasy environment. As the player grows crops on his farm, takes out dungeons, and develops relationships with the townspeople, an interesting story unfolds concerning the mysterious whale island in the sky.

5 The last story – 80

In the last story, Zael encounters a cocoon with a drawn sword.

One of the best mystery JRPG games, last story It uses an engaging mix of different gameplay elements to connect the player with his surprisingly deep plot. Directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the original creator of Final FantasyThe game does not disappoint when it comes to building a detailed and expansive world as well.

Like many RPGs, the player controls a team of characters, but during combat, the player only controls Zael while the others are powered by AI. Tactical and stealth elements also help to keep things interesting but in the end, whether the player has fun or not last story It comes down to how much they value the world and the characters.

4 Muramasa: The Demon Blade – 81

Several sword fighters engage in battle in Muramasa The Demon Blade

In a world where the powerful elite desire demonic weapons, weapons of a curse that can only lead to death and tragedy, two characters, Momohime and Keisuke, find themselves in the middle of a bloody conflict. With the former possessing a vengeful spirit and the latter a fugitive for a crime he doesn’t remember committing, the two make intriguing heroes.

Muramasa: Devil’s Blade It brings their two separate stories to life with 2D side-scrolling, hit-and-run gameplay, a surprising choice for modern RPGs. However, it works in favor of the critically acclaimed JRPG, which feels fresh despite its age and old-fashioned gameplay. The game is a hidden gem on the Wii.

3 Monster Hunter Tree – 84

Monster Hunter Tri Hardcover

Although it is no longer the best game in monster hunter franchise due to some popular recent releases, monster hunter tree It is still to be remembered for breathing new life into the franchise when it was released as a Wii exclusive in 2010. Dedicated to a small fishing village called Moga, the player is tasked with supporting and protecting the people there.

A big component of this is visiting an island where monsters seem to roam freely and complete hunts for materials, resulting in the giant slaying that this series is known for. There was better monster hunter Since then, including an enhanced version of this game for 3DS and Wii U, but monster hunter tree It is still one of the best RPG on the platform.

2 Super Paper Mario – 85

Coverage of the Super Paper Mario game featuring the main characters

While most Super Mario Subtitles are lighter than their main counterparts, which is certainly not the case with super paper mario, a game with a rich story and unforgettable unusual mechanics. Chief among these is the Dimensional Flip element, which transforms the gameplay from classic 2D side-scrolling to hybrid 3D action.

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Filled with puzzles, platforming, and old-fashioned RPG fun, super paper mario It is one of the strongest performances of the series. Some players may find the mix of different styles detrimental to the experience, but for players who can get past the initial confusion, super paper mario It is one of the most rewarding RPG on the platform.

1 Xenoblade Chronicles – 92

A cloud in a green field in the Xenoblade Chronicles

Receiving worldwide acclaim on Metacritic upon its release, it’s hard to underestimate the success of the open-world action RPG that takes place in the frozen bodies of two massive giants. Although other RPGs had more impressive visuals even at that time, Xenoblade Chronicles More than just a fantasy world and intuitive gameplay.

Xenoblade Chronicles A series set to run on the Nintendo Switch this summer has launched with a third installment, and gamers who try it out will quickly understand why fans of the series are excited. Its user score of 9.1 on Metacritic shows how much fans like this title, and the JRPG is by far the best that the Wii has to offer.

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