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Robert Eggerswho started his career in the New York theater, is now best known for the instant classic horror film the witch And award-winning beacon. Fans of his work have reason to celebrate now with the release of his latest project, Northman, a fictional historical epic based on Scandinavian traditions. Eggers co-wrote the upcoming movie with prisonsHe is a famous Icelandic poet and novelist. The project is rooted in the myth of Amelith, which was a direct inspiration for William Shakespeare village.

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard He plays the role of Viking Prince Amelith, the son of Queen Gudrin (Nicole Kidmanand King OrvandelEthan Hawke). Amelith is on a constant quest for revenge after his father’s murder at the hands of his uncle, Folner, played by a Danish actor Claes Bang. Golden Globe Award Winner Anya Taylor Joywho previously worked with Eggers on the witchYou play the supporting character, Olga, who meets Amelith on his harrowing journey. The cast a note includes Willem Dafoe Like Heimir the Fool, an Icelandic singer Bjork such as banking, and Kate Dickey Like Halldora the Pict.

Filled with bloodshed, bloody combat sequences, and the harsh reality of the Viking Age, combined with Eggers’ flair for horror entertainment, Northman A one-of-a-kind action thriller that will keep audiences on edge as Amelith risks everyone to avenge his father’s name and take back his kingdom. However, this is not the only story that transports viewers to different times or even the only tale of the Vikings experience. Here is our list of eleven movies that capture similar reactions as NorthmanWhether in terms of genre, time period, or plot.

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thirteenth warrior

A mixture of fiction and historical novels, thirteenth warrior It is a 1999 epic that highlights the following when one world meets another. Award winning actor Antonio Banderas He plays Ahmad ibn Fadlan, a 10th century Muslim traveler who became Baghdad’s ambassador to the Vikings in the Volga Bulgars. His role as ambassador soon changes when he joins a team of Vikings, becoming their thirteenth warrior and thus fulfilling a prophecy. John McTiernanwho is famous for die hardwhich directs the film that sheds realistic light on the Vikings age in ways Northman Do.

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banquet hall height

The audience ventures into Scandinavian Scotland with the 2009 film banquet hall height. Dr. Hannibal Lecter is an actor Mads Mickelson He plays the captive Norse warrior known as One-Eye. little boy playing by Martin StevensonIt helps to escape with one eye. The fugitive duo join a team of Christian crusaders they recruit to take the Crusade to the Holy Land. The title of the historical fiction piece is the Viking spin on the Kenneth Unger Movies Scorpio height And devil high. banquet hall height is a violent journey into the past, with One-Eye reminding viewers NorthmanSpecial warrior, Amelith, in terms of skill and revenge. Nicholas Winding Refnwho is famous for to cut And neon demonThe movie comes out.

the last king

Sami director Nils Job Norwegian film director 2016 the last king. The events of the film are based on the true story of the Berkbeiner rebels who managed to save the true heir to the Norwegian throne, Haakon Haakonson, by delivering him safely from Lillehammer to Trondheim. the last king It begins with the Baglers’ rape of King Haakon in Norway in 1204. The king is ready, however, to send two Birkebeins, Torstein (Christopher Hivju) and Skjervald (Jacob Offbrough) to protect his secret heir. the last kingbased on the truth more than Northmanis a watch worthy of its depiction of medieval drama and the survival of a royal dynasty.

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Next up is the 2015 Golden Globe Award winning historical survival drama, return. The film is largely based on Michael Bunke’s novel and 1915 poem “The Song of Hugh Glass,” both of which tell the story of frontiersman Hugh Glass, whose life is shrouded in myth and legend. Three-time Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio Glass is brought back to life as a fur hunter leading his party across the Dakota wilderness in 1823. A grizzly bear has brutally destroyed it, his party, now led by John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), leaving him to die of his wounds. Like Ameth in NorthmanGlass defies the odds and takes a death-defying journey in pursuit of revenge. return Directed and co-written by Alejandro G Inarrituwho is best known for his work on death trilogy.

the gladiator

There can be no list of violent revenge films, especially historical films, without mentioning the drama of the year 2000 the gladiator. Russell Crowe He won an Academy Award for his role as Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius in this film. In AD 180, Emperor Marcus Aurelius intends to give power over the empire to Maximus instead of his son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). Upon discovering this, Commodus killed his father, became emperor, and crucified Maximus’ wife and son. Maximus is then stripped of his station and Hope as he is training to be a gladiator. Despite being a enslaved warrior for the entertainment, Maximus plots revenge on Commodus, reminding viewers of Amelith’s resolve and determination. Ridley Scottwho also took out alien And Blade Runnerhe runs the award-winning and gory masterpiece.

brave heart

Mel Gibson Directed, co-produced, and starred in the 1995 film brave heart. The story is based on the First War of Scottish Independence, led in part by a Scottish knight known as William Wallace. The vocalist of the 15th century, known as Blind Harry, wrote the epic poem Works and Deidis of Illustre and Vallyeant Campioun Sher William Wallace Nearly 172 years after Wallace’s death he was a major inspiration for brave heart.

Gibson plays a vengeful Wallace who, after the death of his loved ones at the hands of English invaders, leads a rebellion against King Edward I. Northman. brave heart He won five Academy Awards, three BAFTA Awards, and a Golden Globe Award.

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Count of Monte Cristo

Kevin Reynoldswho took out Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesAnd Fandangoand recently didDirected by the 2002 adventure and drama film Count of Monte Cristo. The film is a cinematic adaptation of French author Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel of the same name. Jim Caviezelknown as Christ’s Passion And Someone interesting, wrongly played by the imprisoned Edmond Dantes. Over the course of several years, Dantes escaped from prison, found a fortune, and returned to France with a new name – the Count of Monte Cristo. With this disguise, he seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. While the revenge tale was less violent compared to NorthmanAnd Count of Monte Cristo He has a tall wit in a one-man game to recover what was stolen from him.

Conan the Barbarian

American author of the twentieth century Robert E Howard He created the character Conan the Barbarian, who later became the inspiration for the 80s movie show Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2011, Marcus Nespel I directed the reboot, titled Conan the Barbarian. The movie follows Conan.Jason Momoa), the son of a barbarian chieftain, who sees his entire tribe murdered by a zealous warlord, Khallor Zam (Stephen Lang). Zym undertakes a necromancy mission, and Conan embarks on a mission to stop Zym at any cost while seeking revenge against his tribe. Conan the Barbarian It is a notably different movie on this list, as it is considered high fantasy or part of the sword and sorcery genre. However, it bears similarities with NorthmanAmelith in it Conan is a fierce and violent warrior whose entire story revolves around revenge.


Like Northman, The tale of Beowulf stems from legend. Old English epic Beowulf Inspirational authors in English Neil Gaiman And Roger Avary To write the script for the 2007 movie Beowulf. Ray Winston He plays the titular character, the Galician warrior Beowulf, who travels to Denmark at King Hrothgar (Anthony, Hopkins) summons. King Beowulf appoints to slay the human beast Grendel (Crispin Glover) as justice to kill and defend the kingdom. Beowulf succeeded, only to bear the wrath of Grendel’s mother (Angelina Jolie), A demon. Beowulf It is the only movie on this list that was not shot directly but was created using 3D computer animation.


The mysterious disappearance of the Imperial Roman Legion, Legio IX Hispana, in 120 AD, was the inspiration for the 1954 novel ninth eagleWhich Jeremy Brock It was then adapted into the 2011 historical fantasy film eagle. Channing Tatum Starring Marcus Flavius ​​Aquila, a Roman centurion, whose father was part of the Disappeared Ninth Legion. Determined to restore the honor of his father’s name, Marcus travels to Scotland to restore the Legion’s eagle standard. In this quest, he risks his life and the lives of his slave, Esca, a Brigant from Britain. Less in revenge mission compared to Northmanand more than one honor restores, eagle It is an exciting adaptation that gives the Lost Ninth Legion an alternate ending.


Danish director Christian Levering Directed the western movie 2014 salvation. Mads Mikkelsenwho also drove banquet hall height In this list is a Danish man named John who immigrated to America in 1864 with his brother Peter (Michael Barbrandt). John’s family arrives on the continent to be brutally murdered by a team of convicts. Jon kills these criminals, and angers Delaro, one of the dead brothers.Jeffrey Dean MorganA powerful land baron who will use all his assets to destroy Jon. Like Northman In his depiction of the lands of the North and the Viking Age, salvation It offers a brutal, realistic depiction of the western frontier and its lawless ways of justice.

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