One punch man will be one of the Marvel Infinity Stone Ultimate Wielder

One-Punch Man’s Saitama has the unique qualifications to become the number one worker in the Marvel Infinity Stone, which makes him even more powerful.

Many Marvel characters used incredible power Infinity stones To perform incredible feats, but Saitama from one man punch He may be able to use one of the stones better than any of them. Fans have often imagined how incredibly strong Saitama would be in a fight against Marvel’s toughest hitters. While many of these virtual battles may never be fully settled, if Saitama had gained access to the Space Stone, he would undoubtedly not have been stopped.

The Infinity Stones are six gems in the Marvel Universe that can each give its owner absolute control over a specific aspect of the universe. This includes natural forces such as space and time, as well as specifically human elements such as mind and spirit. Combined together in the Infinity Gauntlet, each stone can nourish another, forming a ring that can grant unlimited power. However, when separated, the strength of the stones depends on the competence of the worker in a specialty else to forbid. Therefore, the power stone is turned on by the user’s mastery of the mind, the mind stone is turned on by the user’s mastery of the soul, etc. While this limitation means that Gems only become extremely powerful when locked into the recurring circuit of the Infinity Gauntlet, a true master of any of their major disciplines can use the Gem working on this discipline in full force.

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Saitama is the protagonist one man punch, manga written by ONE with art by Yusuke Murata. He is an overwhelmingly powerful hero who can defeat any enemy with just one punch. Saitama gained this immense strength by undergoing a rigorous physical training regime of his own design. Before doing so, he was just an ordinary man with no power. So not only is he incredibly powerful, but he has gained all that strength through his hard hard work, which means he has an incredible mastery of that strength as well. As such, he will be able to use the Space Stone at his maximum capacity, as the Space Stone is powered by his user’s mastery on Power. In every conceivable way, Saitama fits this description, so much so that his big problem is not being able to find a worthy opponent who can take more than world-shaking punches.

One-Punch Man Saitama Infinity Stone Space Stone Force

While Saitama is already incredibly fast, the Space Stone will enable him to teleport. This will be very useful in combat, allowing him to dodge the blows of powerful enemies. But the most useful application in Saitama’s eyes is perhaps the ability to travel anywhere in the universe. Saitama desperately wants to find a strong opponent who will need more than one punch to defeat him, but time and time again the threats on Earth have proven too weak. One of the strongest threats he faced was Poros, an alien warlord who tried to invade Earth. This means that in order to find stronger enemies, Saitama must venture out of his home planet, and the Space Stone will provide him with the perfect means to do so.

While there are Marvel characters strong enough to alter reality, Saitama’s pure physical strength appears to trump characters like Thanos and the Hulk – and crucially – he has earned his strength through his effort, experience, and commitment. Saitama has mastered strength in every sense of the word, making him the perfect candidate to use the cosmic tool that increases its power in direct relation to that trait.

Ironically, while the space stone might allow Saitama to find more powerful opponents, it also gives him great strength, making it difficult to find someone he can face in combat. It’s unlikely that One-Punch Man and Marvel will have an official intersection (but not impossible, given previous partnerships with properties like The attack on the Giants), so Saitama will not be able to actually obtain the stone. But if he did it before, one man punchwill be the protagonist space stoneThe ultimate stand, easily matches any Marvel Universe character.

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