Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock the Dairy Factory

To unlock the dairy factory map in Vampire Survivors, players must reach a certain character level at one of the earlier stages of the game.

Dairy factory is a map in Vampire survivors It offers a host of engaging content, including a way to unlock the Milky Way Map and Poppea Pecorina. Poppea becomes available as a playable character once players find her coffin. Her starting weapon is the Song of Mana, and she can passively get a +1% Duration bonus on each level without cap. In addition, this Vampire survivors Character to the map with +20% movement speed. Unfortunately, Dommario outperforms Poppea’s passive ability up to level 41, however her increased movement speed can be a huge help when escaping difficult situations.

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To open the dairy factory map in . format Vampire survivorsBesides Poppea and access to the Milky Way, players frequently reach level 40 in the Studded Library. This map serves as the second stage of the game, which contains Giovanna Grana’s coffin. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the level 40 mark in the cobbled library.

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To survive in the inlaid library for 20 minutes, Vampire survivors Players will need to take stage planning into account. The map is designed in a more horizontal way, which can cause players to become easily surrounded or confused if they are not careful. roguelike enemies who attack the survivors in Vampire survivors In the studded library they will usually appear from the left and right sides of the screen and approach players in vertically surrounded crowds. Of the thirty-one unique creatures at this point, nineteen are regular enemies, eleven will appear as bosses, and five are associated with map events.

Open the map of the dairy factory in the vampire survivor

Vampire survivors how to open a dairy

Once players become familiar with the studded library map, they should focus on developing a solid build to help them survive to level 40. Of course, the “optimal” weapon will depend on the player’s preference and playstyle, however items that harm AoE in general Good for planning this stage. These weapons include garlic, which deals damage to nearby enemies and reduces knockdown and freeze resistance. When properly developed, garlic can be an effective tool for getting large groups of rubbish hordes out.

With their extended reach and great damage in this pixelated survival game, Cherry Bombs are also an excellent choice for taking out waves of enemies in Vampire survivors. Those looking to get started right away with the Cherry Bomb can enter the stage with Yatta Cavallo, a playable character unlocked with 500 Gold after killing a total of 3,000 lion heads. However, once players have successfully reached level 40 in the Studded Library, they will be able to access the Dairy Factory map from the stage selection menu.

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Vampire survivors Available on PC via Steam.

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