10 Best Hunter Skills, Ranked

Forbidden horizon west It offers a variety of ways for the player to customize the hero character Aloy, using different and awesome skill trees. Divided into Warrior, Trapper, Hunter, Survivor, Infiltrator, and Machine Master Skills, each subset of abilities can be unlocked throughout the game to help Aloy conquer metallic monsters and save the world from apocalyptic ruin.

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While the Warrior Skills is a very popular skill tree to use when performing offensive-minded attacks and combat missions, the Trapper skill tree is more defensive and strategic, giving players an excellent alternative to defeating the formidable foes in the game.

10 food duration

Aloy meets a chef at Horizon Forbidden West

before starting forbidden westPlayers should know that hunter skills are divided into three distinct types: passive reinforcements, courage increases, and weapon techniques. While food duration is key to long-term survival in the wild, and therefore they are more adept at long-term hunting, moderate negative reinforcement will help a bit but won’t make or finish a task.

Before the adventure, players can buy food from local chefs to take with them during their stay, which will provide a blast of energy in the short term when eaten. The skill is ideal for those on a long watch, allowing them to live in the wild for a long time rather than leaving a job trapping for food at a campfire.

9 Nimble Crafter

Aloy standing in the sand at Horizon Forbidden West

Those who find themselves suddenly deprived of tools, weapons, and potions in the middle of a trapping mission would be wise to unlock the Nimble Crafter skill. Negative reinforcement simply increases the speed at which Aloy can craft new resources, giving her an increased chance to protect herself while setting deadly traps.

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Even better, Nimble Crafter only costs one skill point to unlock and requires no other skill to obtain, making it easy and accessible to obtain. To use the Nimble Crafter, simply press and hold the button down to open Aloy’s Hunter’s Kit, select an item, and press X to start crafting.

Today display

8 Skilled Fajr

Aloy is installing a machine at Horizon Forbidden West

The long-term goal of trapping machines in forbidden west It is to strip them of valuable resources, shards, scrap metal, and the like, which can be used to forge new tools and weapons or exchange them for other goods. To that end, the Skilled Salvager is a valuable hunter skill that increases the quality and amount of what Aloy can loot while dismantling a trap after capturing a machine.

While the Skilled Salvager requires the skill of the Quick Trapper to unlock, it speeds up the process of dismantling previous traps so that Aloy can move forward faster while also obtaining more valuable items. It is not the best for trapping itself but it will pay off after setting the trap.

7 flexible hunter

Aloy stands on the plains at Horizon Forbidden West

An indispensable protective skill, the Flexible Hunter Aloy primarily protects from being damaged when detonating her landmine, booby trap, or detonating wire. It may seem counterintuitive, but this encourages Aloy to take more risks, get closer to setting enemy traps, and not worry about the potential collateral damage you might incur in the process.

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Another benefit of the Flex Hunter is that it’s a two-level upgradeable skill that Aloy can unlock to get twice as much protection during the game, both of which only cost one skill point to get.

6 objection limit

Aloy encounters a flying machine in Horizon Forbidden West

Players who are cornering their main conquest position must invest in a passive reinforcement of the trap boundary. This increases the number of traps and trip wires that Aloy can place at any given point in the game. The more Aloy you put, the more chance you have of picking up the machines it has, and the more resources it can draw from in the long run.

Of course, the speed at which Aloy can set traps remains constant, which means that Aloy must remain as stealthy as he can be when using the Trap Limit skill. Otherwise, spending a lot of time setting up trip wires in the open can be very counterproductive.

5 elemental rage

Aloy uses the Valor Surge in Horizon Forbidden West

Badass as it sounds, Elemental Fury is one of two Valor Surges included in the Trapper’s skill tree. Using will increase Aloy’s determination and initial attacks when using Fire, Ice, Wind, and the like. It also increases Aloy’s resistance to such initial attacks. However, since many Hunters don’t tend to use accumulated items, they are dropped from a peg or two.

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While the skill can boost item accumulation by 100%, initial state duration by 50%, and item resistance by 20%, unlocking the Elemental Fury requires mastery of Quick Trapper, Resilient Trapper, and Trap Limit alongside, which can be quite cumbersome for players. .

4 fast hunter

Aloy locks up a machine in Horizon Forbidden West

The absolute best hunting passive booster skill is the fast hunter skill, which is a dual level skill that enables Aloy to set as many booby traps, trip wires and land mines as possible and defeat the toughest mechanical creatures in the game. In addition to the huge increase in efficiency, the accelerated process allows players to move through the game with a much faster clip.

Considering how some of the game’s complex traps take a long time to set up properly, speeding up the process at just one skill point cost makes Quick Trapper the most perfect passive booster in the skill tree.

3 trap specialist

Aloy standing in a stream at Horizon Forbidden West

The second and best of its kind, the Trap Specialist, the Valor Surge, is a versatile tool that combines a series of powers into one great upgrade. Easy to use, the skill combines the increase in damage dealt, elemental strength, and striking dexterity of the best-fitted Aloy wires.

Derived from Aloy’s concentration, the special skill increases trap damage and trip wires by 50%, item buildup by 25%, and knockout power by 25%, and the sum of this skill completely enhances Aloy’s offensive and defensive power in a single skill. Be warned, unlocking the skill requires mastery in Food Duration 2, Nimble Crafter 2, and Skilled Scavenger 2. However, it is well worth the effort when the most difficult missions come in the game.

2 fast wire

Aloy lays a trip wire in Horizon Forbidden West

The first of two great skills in weapon tech, Quick Wire is perfect for those looking to capture enemies on the go. No longer requiring a long and dangerous setup process, Quick Wire allows Aloy to fire a flight wire of a predetermined length directly at the enemy regardless of their proximity to the target.

As one of Aloy’s best all-around skill options, Quick Wire will not only make the machine stammer on the ground, but will also detonate an explosive charge after a short while. This catches most machines by surprise and causes direct damage to their parts during the trapping process.

1 rope penetration

Aloy carrying Ropecaster in Horizon Forbidden West

Most forbidden west Players will attest that the hack rope is the best unlockable hunter skill. Superb Weapon Tech Skill turns Aloy’s Robecaster into a lethal weapon that can attack any part of the enemy’s body and pierce armor easily. Even better, the Aloy doesn’t even need to pull the entire rope out of its arsenal to use it.

Even cooler, the penetrating rope does not require and does not exhaust any ammunition at all, which allows it to be used quite often on the battlefield. The only minor drawbacks are that unlocking it costs 2 skill points, depletes a small amount of a weapon’s stamina, and requires Hunter Flex Mastery to get it. A small price to pay for the best Trapper skill the game has to offer.

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