Elden Ring player uses an amazing glitch to get into AFK Rune Farmer

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Using a glitch that literally allows them to run through the air, the Elden Ring player is able to get to the AFK’s rune farmer and scare him.

As with most, if not all, open-world video games, elden ring It has its fair share of errors and glitches. While some of them may be annoying or harmful, others are elden ring Gaps can eventually lead to hilarious interactions or situations that make the gameplay memorable.

However, in rare cases, vulnerabilities can be useful or even necessary in a particular situation. For example, without “zips” or teleportation by walking an incredibly specific distance, elden ring It is not possible to run a speed of less than 9 minutes and subsequent runs, because without it the game will take longer to finish.

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While an argument can certainly be made against the existence of ‘zips’, for now it’s part of the game that doesn’t hurt gameplay and is good for a quick run. On a totally different subject, AFK rune farmers have become such a big problem in the game, that hunters and invaders are teaming up to kill them elden ring AFK growers rune. The reason this is important to the issue of vulnerabilities is that a player discovered a bug that allowed them to access the website of those AFK players.

Reddit user CaptainIkag created a clip that captured two amazing things: one, an unbelievable glitch implementation that allowed them to pass through the air; Second, the discovery and dismantling of a disgruntled farmer rune who was left on the run to escape the wrath of Captain Ikraj. Depending on the host’s reaction, they made a crazy dash to pick up their console and run/dodge away as quickly as possible, choosing to flee rather than fight. However, much like the other disastrous AFK rune farms battling in elden ringThe farmer is still dead.

While using Mohgwyn’s spear can be killed elden ringAFK rune farmers, the spear can’t reach everywhere to hide, including the one shown in the video. However, CaptainIkag showed a glitch that allowed them to literally run through the air. According to them, this was done using the ashes of war that puts the character in a specific situation. Pursuing a light attack in this situation by entering L2 and switching to a different weapon while holding Marika’s hammer in the right hand is what causes the glitch. While obviously very complex, the flaw allowed CaptainIkag to traverse an incredible area and was the only reason they got to AFK Farms.

While this flaw certainly wouldn’t be the end of AFK growers, the CaptainIkag bug is a major step in the right direction. While it is good practice for developers to reduce the amount of bugs in their games to zero, in this case the bug was a huge positive.

elden ring Now released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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