How to criticize your opponent through the announcer’s table

WWE 2K22 Rikishi and Yokozuna hitting finishers on announce table

WWE 2K22 allows players to crush their opponent through the announcer’s table. This guide explains how this is done.

Since the Attitude era and ECW popularized more extreme and challenging styles of wrestling, placing wrestlers through the announcer’s table has become a staple in the match between two superstars feuding with grudge. The WWE 2K The series has allowed players to do this for quite some time now and WWE 2K22 It is no different in this respect.

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What has changed compared to some of their previous titles in the franchise are the mechanics and the process of using the announcer’s table as a weapon in a match. Fortunately, though, it’s not too difficult to pull this out of the game, as evidenced by this guide that explains how to put an opponent through the announcer’s table. WWE 2K22.

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Change match options

Wrestlers can put their opponents through the announcer’s table in a regular match without any concern of disqualification. However, it is recommended to turn off the counting option at least in WWE 2K22 Before the match starts or simply make it a no-disqualification match. This way, there is no time limit for trying to execute the move during a match.

Match option settings

  • In the wrestler selection screen Press the Y/Triangle . button
  • Choose Custom match rules

  • In the base 2 screen, Turn off the DQ option Then change the Ring Out option to No Count
  • Click accept
  • One can also specify any matches in which the DQ rules are not by default in WWE 2K22.
  • Select wrestlers to start the match
  • On the Match Setting screen 3 change Finishing Touches (Start Match) to 3

Swipe the opponent through the announcer’s table

Use the announcer’s table in a match in WWE 2K22 It obviously requires wrestlers to be outside the ring. However, one should not immediately go into motion without first wearing his opponent’s. This is because hitting the opponent through the announcer’s table requires the player character to do so Have at least one terminator stored. If the opponent is not in a daze, he can easily reverse the knockout.

  • Make sure you take the discount Using a combination of light and heavy attacks in a WWE 2K22 match.
  • This will reduce the risk of the player or AI returning.
  • Watch for the blue signature bars below the stamina gauge.
  • When one owns Three full blue bars are stockedTake the fight abroad with the Irish whip of the other wrestler abroad.

  • To do this, simply perform a grab by Pressing the B / Circle . button.
  • Press and hold the B/Circle button and the direction stick toward the ropes to throw it out.
  • Or simply pin a stunned opponent with a wash over the top rope.

  • player wrestler He needs to clear the announcer’s table first
  • when standing In front of the table press LB / L1 to clear it.

  • With the opponent out, hit them with a series of moves to increase their stun status.
  • In a daze, the opponent cannot reverse the knockout at the announcer’s table.
  • Click on b/circle Button to grab the discount
  • Then Press LB / L1 To walk / pull them towards the announcer’s table WWE 2K22

  • Do not press the X / square Because this will hit their heads in the table
  • Press the B/Cicle button to tilt them on the table.
  • Now press RT/R2 and A/X In the prompt to implement WWE 2K22 Finishing at the announcer’s table.

Terminator across the broadcaster’s table deals a lot of damage to the opponent’s health bar. Moreover, if players select the option to match Falls Count Anywhere, this maneuver will likely end the match as they can go to the installation immediately afterwards.

WWE 2K22 Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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