Wonder Twins has been canceled by Warner Bros. According to rumors

Wonder Twins Warner Bros

The Wonder Twins movie may have been discontinued before it actually started, with a new rumor claiming that Warner Bros. DC movie has canceled.

The The Wonder Twins The movie is said to have been canceled by Warner Bros. Despite preparing to film in the summer of 2022 and even naming the two expected characters who will play the DC duo.

The The Wonder Twins The film was first announced earlier this year, with director Adam Stickell set to lead the project after he previously directed Dwayne Johnson’s film. black Adam For Warner Bros. Since then, however, Warner Bros. Under new management following the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, and The Wonder Twins The movie may have been influenced by the deal.

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According to That Hashtag Show, the crew of The Wonder Twins The film was informed that the project was canceled early during the week of May 1. While there is no information about the reason for canceling The Wonder Twins The film has been cancelled, and the outlet reminds readers that many of WarnerMedia’s plans that were in the works prior to the completion of the Warner Bros-Discovery merger have now been altered with the company under new management as Warner Bros. Discovery. It may be worth noting that Warner Bros. has not confirmed this. Pictures nor DC has officially canceled the release The Wonder Twins Movie.

If this is true, the news The Wonder Twins The movie being left out comes about two months before the project is scheduled to begin production. KJ Apa and Isabel May have been selected as The Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna lead, respectively, through mid-April. The project would have been the first direct feature film for the Wonder Twins, who have so far only appeared in animation or in supporting roles in DC-based shows such as Smallville.

Again, while Warner Bros. has not confirmed. cancel version The Wonder Twins movie, the news wouldn’t be entirely surprising given the reports about Warner Bros. Discovery to fix DC movies. While these reports mostly relate to the company’s plans to find a Kevin Feige-type leader to oversee DC movies, it’s entirely possible that senior officials at Warner Bros. Discovery didn’t see the same value in the Wonder Twins as their predecessors.

CNN+ was notably canceled a few weeks after its launch because it was incompatible with the company’s goal of forming a single streaming service to house all of its content. So, maybe The Wonder Twins They were among the first connected victims of the American capital to the new administration’s differing views on how to move into the future.

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source: This is a Hashtag Show

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