The Wilds Creator Reveals Season 4 Trailer On Amazon

Sarah Streicher and Amy B. Harris Talk The Wilds

With the second season of prairie Set to hit Prime Video on May 6th, I had the opportunity to chat with Executive Producer, Creator, and Writer Sarah Streicher and Executive Producer – Writer – Presenter Amy B. Harris About their experience putting the show on screen and discover how to develop their initial plan for the narrative from season to season.

The second season of the series reveals the other half of Gretchen’s series (Rachel GriffithsAdam’s Twilight Experience. Just like the members of Dawn of Eve, the subjects of Twilight of Adam believe they are taking a flight to enjoy a getaway when, in fact, this plane is designed to “crash” them and strand them on a deserted island. As the experiment’s control group, Gretchen is eager to see how the boys’ style of survival on the island compares to that of the girls.

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Before digging into the details of Season 2, Streicher offered insight into her original plan for the series to Amazon, revealing the length of her initial story idea:

“I think I put on an arc for four seasons, so tip, tip, amazon. [Laughs] I always had loose vignettes in my mind. This is a story about coming of age, so when you’re formulating that, I think it’s important to have the onset of immaturity and then the coming of age, the actual transformation and the moment of estrus, and then the coming of age from that at some point in puberty or more of maturity. We want to tell the whole story. So I didn’t think much about how Gretchen’s plot would pass, but I certainly crafted vignettes for each character of what I wanted to see from them as they came of age, and how that experience shaped them. This made me focus on the character level. Because I knew we could manipulate the plot the way we needed to and how we thought Gretchen would go ahead with it.”

Given the fact that Streicher develops this story based on loose vignettes rather than details of Gretchen’s process, one can assume that this gives her and Harris the opportunity to develop the story along the way based on lessons learned from production and fan response to the material. What surprised them most about the reaction to season one? Harris went straight to the die-hard fan favorite ingredient, the relationship between Tony (Show us James(and Shelby)Mia Healy).

“Obviously, Shawnee has become something you’ve always wished for [for], but we didn’t expect that. I think Sarah says this; We come every day to make sure we honor these women and kind of mean what they mean to the fans.”

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And that’s right, there is only one ingredient among the many beloved components of Season 1. Streicher, Harris and the team have put together a high-profile group of newcomers including James, Healey and Sarah PidgeonAnd Edwards eraAnd Helena HowardAnd genetic conditionAnd Shannon PerryAnd Sophia AliViewership has dropped dramatically for each of them. While the reveal of the Twilight of Adam control group sparked excitement and made a lot of sense in the narrative, there was some concern that expanding the cast to this extent would take too long away from the characters we’ve come to know and love in the season. 1. What is the key to maintaining a satisfactory balance between the two groups? Streicher began:

“I think when we’ve been publishing stories, it was just, ‘You have to look at the network and be like, ‘Do our women get rich, stories that deserve a story that will continue to engage fans?’ And also, they’ll never leave our hearts and minds as the creators and soul of the show. So. We were very intent on that.”

Furthermore, the nature of Gretchen’s experience requires that you consider the dawning of Eve with every movement made by the Twilight of Adam members. Here’s how Harris said it:

“I think we’re kind of in a weird way Gretchen and Sarah and I and that’s the only way we’re like Gretchen. The women’s story is kind of what inspired the show. The boys are the control group, so even when you watch the boys, I think you’re thinking, ‘Oh, the women found water that way’ ,” and, “Oh, they find sustenance that way.” So the boys became a real counterpoint to the girls, so I think it really lets the audience feel, even when you’re with the boys, you’re kind of watching them compared to the women they’ve already fallen in love with.”

Looking for more coverage prairie season 2? We’ll have more conversations for you when the new season hits Prime Video on May 6th. Not only did we talk to the entire Dawn of Eve squad, but we also spoke to the members of Twilight of Adam as well – Alex FitzalanAnd Tanner Ray RockAnd Red ShannonAnd Miles Gutierrez RileyAnd Charles AlexanderAnd Nicholas CombAnd Aidan LabrettAnd Zach Calderon. All that and more on your way soon!

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