Callisto Protocol Exit Before Remaking Dead Space is good for both games

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Horror fans have been having a lot of fun lately, starting with Capcom’s smash hit Resident Evil: The Village To the annoying Housemarque shooter back However, this genre still has a lot to offer in the near future. for example, Callisto Protocol It looks like he could be a particularly strong addition to the horror field this year. In this new title from Striking Distance Studios, players take on the role of a prisoner trying to survive an alien invasion in the far future. In particular , Callisto Protocol Belongs to the same universe as the classic battle royale PUBG: Battlegrounds, Since Striking Distance is part of pubgpublisher. It is not yet clear the relationship between the two games.

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Since it was revealed, Callisto Protocol draw comparisons to dead space For his strange, shocking threats and the implied feeling of being entrapped by these creatures. dead space It’s a great franchise to compare to, but it looks like it could work against it Callisto Protocol Since the remake of the original dead space He is on the way. Fortunately, it looks like these two games will avoid each other’s release, which means they have more breathing space. Release dates are likely to change, but for now, these games have given each other some much needed space.

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Callisto Protocol and Dead Space Versions

Striking Distance Studios and Krafton are currently planning a release Callisto Protocol Sometime in 2022, while Motive Studios and EA won’t release dead space New edition until 2023. This is great news for Callisto protocol, Which desperately needs to get back on its feet. It may not technically be the first game in its franchise, but Callisto Protocol We still have a lot of construction work ahead of us in the world. It is clear that Crafton hopes to launch a world of PUBG: Battlegrounds Games with help Callisto protocol. in order to do so, Callisto Protocol It needs to succeed, which can be difficult if dead spaceIts emission occurred at the same time.

dead spaceA solid reputation means they are able to draw a lot of attention apart from what looks alike Callisto Protocol But it would have faced some dangers if it had been launched so close Callisto Protocol very. famous as dead space is that fans might be interested in a new game but more similar than a remake of an old title. The new version needs a strong launch, otherwise EA may be frustrated with making more dead Void products. If the two games were released in different years, they will likely debut at least a few months later, which means they have plenty of room to stretch their legs and make some sales.

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The way forward for the Callisto Protocol

Of course, the possibility of delay cannot be ignored. Since Krafton has not been nailed Callisto ProtocolRelease date, it is quite possible that Callisto Protocol It will be pushed back to 2023, which means it’s at risk of head-butting dead space. In that case, Crafton might find himself hoping for it dead space You will get a similar delay. If any changes are needed in the release window, it is hoped that both Krafton and EA will take care of each other’s projects and make an effort to release their games away from each other so that both can perform better.

at present, Callisto Protocol It doesn’t look like it will need a delay. A recent tweet from Striking Distance Studios CEO and dead space Creator Glenn Schofield implied that Callisto Protocol It works well, and more information about the game is on the way. Horror game fans should keep an eye out for the big announcement coming from Striking Distance, as any upcoming reveal should include release date information. with any luck, Callisto Protocol It will stick to the planned release year, which means that and dead space Get a mutual breathing room.

Callisto Protocol Releases in 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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