Dances with Films Festival reveals the 2022 film lineup

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Dances With Films (DWF: LA) has revealed the lineup for the 2022 Independent Film Festival, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Besides highlighting the films that will be part of this year’s edition of Dances With Films, the festival also reiterated its alignment with diversity and inclusion, announcing that the 2022 edition will conclude on Juneteenth.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Dances With Films will open the 2022 festival with Walkingbased on the true events of the desegregation buses in Boston in 1974. The film is directed by Daniel Adams and the stars Terence HowardAnd Jeremy PivenAnd Malcolm McDowellAnd Justin Chatwin. By kicking off the festival with a discussion on the history of racism in America, DWF:LA underscores how the festival is committed to spreading awareness about key social debates, including women’s rights, homelessness, mental health, and stories of refugees and sexual abuse.

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Other works featured in this year’s edition include ashgrovePandemic era movie, starring Amanda Brueghel (The Handmaid’s Tale). As for the Latin from ManhattanThe movie is inspired by the life of an adult movie icon Vanessa del Rio and the stars Shane WestAnd Jesse MetcalfeAnd Taryn ManningAnd Isai MoralesAnd Derya Di Matteo. In order to select the festival’s documentary, we will have We paid let’s get in!, dating the Chicago rhyming duo Abstract Mindstate after a 16-year hiatus. finally, How does it feel to be a problem? It deals with the mistreatment of marginalized groups in America, and reveals how a nation founded on principles of justice and equality abandoned many of its inhabitants. The conclusion of the festival is excitement Justoritnchampionship Jay Duplass And Maria Dizia.

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Created in 1998, DWF: LA is a truly independent festival, allowing unknown writers and directors to showcase their first works to the public. The alumni of the festival include names like Dan Harris (X-Men 2), Will Schaeffer (Great love), And Mike Flanagan (Midnight Mass), everyone who would become big shots in Hollywood. This is more than just evidence that spaces like DWF: LA need to exist to shed some light on talented filmmakers struggling to make their voices heard in a crowded industry.

Commenting on the 2022 edition of Dances With Films, The Founders leslie scalloneAnd Michael Trenttogether with production partner Jackie Tipperannounced:

25 years is no small feat in Hollywood, and Dances With Films continues to be about new voices and new perspectives that help change the way people see the world through visual media. We have always provided a safe space for budding filmmakers to enhance awareness and understanding of the world through Their art. The impact of the film industry in terms of bringing about change is undeniable, and DWF: LA is proud to be a part of that.”

This year’s edition of DWF: LA will take place at TCL’s Chinese Theater from June 9 to June 19. In addition to film screenings, Dances With Films will also host a series of seminars and screenings. You can check out the full festival roster at Dances With Films’ Official WebsiteView photos from the movies that are shown below:

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