Legacy’s Amazon Prime Departure Takes Advantage of the Show (and Jeff Bezos)

While the original series from Bosch airs on Amazon Prime, Bosch: Legacy will be broadcast on Freevee. This may help both Show and Jeff Bezos.

Bosch: Legacy Moving away from Amazon Prime can actually help the show — and Jeff Bezos. While bush Presented the final arc in June 2021, legacy The story will pick up roughly where it left off, as its titular hero Harry Bosch establishes himself as a private investigator after a landmark departure from the LAPD. With the return of lead man Titus Welliver along with much of the creative team on the original show, legacy It is as much as it is a new season of bush It is also a real cross. Given the strength of the series’ initial offering, this bodes well for the series’ prospects.

But, Bush: Legacy It doesn’t break from its predecessor in one major way. While bush The original seven seasons aired on the premium service Amazon Prime Video, and its continuation series has moved to Amazon Freevee, an ad-supported streaming service that’s free to anyone with an Amazon account. On the face of it, this move to a free service may seem like a step down for the chain – but in reality it will benefit both bush Franchising and Amazon.

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decisively, Bosch: Legacy Moving to Freevee will allow the show to reach a much wider audience than the original series. While bushThe show’s initial seven-season run was well received by critics, and overall viewership was rather modest, with brighter broadcast titles overshadowing the show’s minor category. With legacy Beyond the Amazon paywall, the show now has a much wider range of potential viewers. This series might help create the kind of audience its predecessor deserved. With bush With the Prime Video title remaining, new converts will quickly find that they need an Amazon Prime subscription if they want to catch up on past adventures, making heritage Turn to Freevee as an effective promotional tool for both the show and Jeff Bezos’ premium service.

With this, the rationale behind bush resurrection Bush: Legacy becomes more clear. While Season 8 of the relatively obscure show won’t attract first-time viewers, it doesn’t attract much Bush: Legacy As a new series – even if it is ultimately a continuation of the original story – it is a much more effective way to expand the franchise’s audience. With spin-offs that generally focus on popular side characters from a larger story, Bush: Legacy It represents a significant break from the formatting conventions. As Amazon itself has made clear, disrupting industry standards is often very effective.

Having been renewed for a second season even before its premiere, Bush: Legacy He clearly has the support and trust of Amazon. While Titus Welliver (The MandalorianLeaving Amazon Prime may at first seem like a demotion, Freevee is the perfect platform to help bush The franchise extends to a committed but modest follower. Moving to Freevee may benefit both in the end Bush: Legacy heir bush Not to mention Amazon Jeff Bezos.

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