Why Roseanne recast Becky (and then got the original actress back)

Roseanne is best known for reprising the role of Becky Conner’s eldest daughter after season five, then reprise the original actress. Here’s why the studio does it.

Roseanne She was best known for reprising the role of Becky Conner’s eldest daughter after season five, then reprising the original actress, and here’s why. Even by the ’90s when she was Becky Roseanne Paraphrasing happened, TV show reruns, even in major shows, were neither rare nor new. One of the most famous examples is the paraphrase of husband Darren in the 1960s sitcom fascinated, with actor Dick Sargent replacing original cast member Dick York. Looks like Hollywood was overflowing with actors called Dick at the time.

This phenomenon makes sense, because TV shows – we hope – last for a number of years, and in some cases even decades. Networks are rarely keen on giving up a show that brings viewers and profits, but at the same time, the actors can get tired of playing the same character, and decide that they want to get out. When the powers that be want more of the show, but the actor no longer wants to participate, recasting is the natural solution. Either that or create a new similar character to fill in the blank.

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With that in mind, RoseanneMaybe Becky’s actress leaving and being replaced wouldn’t have been such a big deal in the grand scheme, had things gone normally. Instead, Roseanne ended up playing the Beckys musical, as fans never knew who they would see in a particular episode.

Explanation of the key to actress Becky Rosen

Lacey Goransen and Sarah Chuck as Becky in Roseanne

Actress Lacey Goranson grew up as Becky Conner and played it entirely Roseanne Seasons 1-4, and part of Season 5. In 1992, at the age of 18, Goranson decided she wanted to attend Vassar College. to fulfill her request, RoseanneProducers eventually chose to write Becky out of the show via a story in which she runs off and runs off with boyfriend Mark Healy, played by the late Glenn Quinn. During the sixth season, though, the Roseanne Brain Trust wanted to bring Becky and Mark back as full-time characters, and Goranson’s school commitments wouldn’t allow it. The result was a recast of Becky’s role with the future scrubs Actress Sarah Chalk.

Chuck played the role of Becky most of the time Roseanne Season 6 and all of Season 7, and while the change was annoying at first, most fans ended up accepting Chuck in Roseanne family. That’s why it was all weird when Goranson returned as Becky in Season 8, but not full time. When Goranson College’s schedule allowed, she would appear RoseanneAnd when that didn’t happen, Chuck was playing Becky instead. The show is credited with turning this musical chair-like situation into an opportunity for laughter RoseanneTwo of the Beckys, cracking jokes alluding to Becky’s changing appearance, make Roseanne ask Chalke’s Becky if she’s happy that she was there “this week” during an episode where the Conners went to Walt Disney World.

Roseanne He also did a gag for the credits where an adult DJ (played by John Goodman) had a mental breakdown due to no one else realizing there were two beckys. Goranson decided not to return to RoseanneThe ninth – and originally – final season, allowing Chuck to play Becky full-time again. Goranson goes back decades later, when it was time for Roseanne Biology. In the reboot, Chalke was cast in a different role, with jokes once again about their similarity.

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What is the origin of Becky so far

Lacey Goranson as Becky in The Conners

Goranson continues to play Becky on Roseanne Spinoff series ConnersThis is one of her most recent projects. Closer to the original time RoseanneIn the last season, Goranson played important movie roles as Candice in Boys do not Cry (1995) and Myra in Love, Ludlow (2005). Recently, Goranson has also appeared in films Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate in 2018 and Back Run In 2019, she occupied more minor roles in both. Considering that she was reprising her most famous role as Becky Conner Healy Conners Since 2018, it makes sense that Goranson’s other projects are smaller and more mainstream. With Conners Season 4 is still going strong and Chuck is getting better now scrubs And Rick and Morty From to RoseanneGoranson seems to have cemented her claim to the title Becky Conner forever.

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