Where do you find all the omni chips in Sleepy Sound

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There are new Omni Chips this week in Fortnite, and here you can find the ones in Sleepy Sound.

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as part of the stream It is an electronic game Battle Pass, players can access the Omni Sword axe. This cosmetic item can be further customized by spending Omni Chips collected throughout the island. Nine Omni Chips are added to different landmarks and points of interest weekly, and these chips can unlock new guards, colors, and sounds for the ‘weapon’.

There are three new locations to find Omni Chips this week, and one of those places is Sleepy Sound. This is amazing It is an electronic game The guide will go over how to access Sleepy Sound and Omni Chips websites.

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Where’s Sleepy Sound

It is an electronic game Players who have trouble locating Sleepy Sound can look at the northern end of the current Battle Royale map. It’s east of Logjam Lumberyard, northwest of The Daily Bugle, northeast of Shifty Shafts, and north of Coney Crossroads.

Sleepy Sound Omni Chip Sites

  • Omni Chip 1 The first Omni Chip is located in the southern section of Sleepy Sound. It’s next to a repair machine in the courtyard of what appears to be a motel.
  • Omni Chip 2 Head to the northern part of Sleepy Sound across the water, then head to the beach in the north. There will be a dock there with the Omni Chip lying on top of it in plain sight.
  • Omni Chip 3 — and for the last slide, look at the row of lake houses on the south end of the upper part of Sleepy Sound. There are four homes, and the house on the left will have an Omni Chip on its sidewalk beneath a gazebo-like structure.

All Omni Chips will remain on the map until the end of the season, so you don’t have to worry about losing any from the previous weeks.

As for what is going on in It is an electronic game This week, Marvel Comics’ Scarlet Witch joins Doctor Strange in the Item Shop, with a new skin available for purchase, along with some other cosmetics. and to celebrate star Wars On May 4th, lightsaber missiles can be picked up all over the island, storm troopers invade, and star Wars Clothes returned to the store.

It is an electronic game Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. For those using mobile devices, It is an electronic game It can now be played via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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