All artifacts and upgrade locations in Chapter One

The first chapter of Trek to Yomi introduces players to collectibles, items hidden throughout the level that provide knowledge snippets or upgrades for Hiroki.

Chapter 1 of Journey to my day It has a total of 11 collectible sets hidden during different levels of the level. Class collectibles include seven artifacts, one health upgrade, two stamina upgrades, and one Bo-Shuriken capacity upgrade. After being trained by Sangoro, Hiroki will encounter his first artifact, tamaya mirrorIn the area to the right of the dwelling. This is amazing Journey to my day The Collectable is located in front of the wing’s right front column across the Homestead Pool Bridge.

izanagi printthe second tool of the first chapter, can be found during the objective: “Access to the main gate. After helping an old man move his cart, go up the ladder to the bar on the left. Loot the item from the table near the entrance to get the set. During the same goal, Hiroki and Iko will be scolded by the catering manager for entering the storage room without permission. From here, Continue to the street on the right to meet a friendly merchant.Talk to the merchant to get the third artifact, Shell Kai Oasi.

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While exploring the area with Aiko’s Journey to my day Chapter 1, Hiroki will hear someone screaming when they reach a building made of bamboo. When this audible event occurs in Journey to my dayHead to the room on the left to find him sakura bloomfourth artifact of the chapter, above a wooden table.

Each collectible in a trip to the two days chapter 1

Collectibles on Journey to My Day Chapter 1

After Hiroki kills his first enemy and many other enemies, he will reach a shrine along the street. Check the small alley behind the barrier to find the fifth artifact, Field Sculpture of a MouseOn a table covered with an umbrella. Players have to fight through many bandits until they reach a watermill near the river. Take the path to the next shrine with a crying woman to find the class health promotion In plain sight on the side of the road.

He advanced through the class until reaching the point where Hiroki arrived at the gate, and said, “I hope Aiko stays safe.” Go through the village gate and enter the second house on the right to discover the sixth Journey to my day the tool, kakote. After activating the next shrine, continue to the right until you reach the secret room with the first stamina upgrade. In the same area, go upstairs and head to the farthest room on the left to find Bo-Shuriken’s ability upgrade. After a few minutes, Hiroki will need to”Search the suburbs“From the village. Explore the area to the right of the cemetery outside the city to find the second stamina upgrade and the last chapter 1 collectible artifact, Izanami printing.

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