AMD launches RX 6X50 graphics card update

A photo of two AMD Radeon RX graphics cards.

While the next generation GPU is due to be released this year, there is still time to release products for this era, with AMD releasing its own new update suite.

Despite the constant shortages, the GPU world does not stand still, especially with the next generation looming. With the release of Nvidia’s RTX 40 series this coming September, and AMD Looking to compete with their RDNA 3 suite, the two tech giants continue their battle for market supremacy. However, there are still a few months left of this generation, and with that the Red Team recently released three updated 6000 series graphics cards.

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That’s according to a recent report from GamesRadar, which says that AMD 6X50 cards are now available. There are also a number of retailers listed that should stock the RX 6650 XT, RX 6750 XT, and RX 6950 XT. At the time of writing, Best Buy appears to have at least one of the 6650 GPUs, in addition to the 6750. Unfortunately, the 6950 haven’t had much luck so far. The UK Overclockers site yields similar results, with no listing for the RX 6950, and some 6650s only available for pre-order.

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The updated AMD Radeon RX 6X50 range was the latest launch from Lisa Su and co, with all three SKUs re-releases of their predecessors. With Nvidia also launching the RTX 3090 Ti brutally, and newcomers Intel preparing to launch a desktop variant of its Arc product, although there may be some delay on that front, all three are getting rid of as much as possible from this current generation. Of course, even though these new cards from the red team have just become available, the retail listings only seem to highlight that there is still a display issue.

Although there are hopes that the situation that has been going on for a while may improve, it is likely that the chip shortage will continue into 2024. This means that even when Ada Lovelace and RDNA 3 become available, there is reason to suspect that things won’t be much better than they are. It is currently, with many struggling to purchase not only new graphics cards, but also existing generic consoles.

Interestingly enough, graphics card prices continue to drop, which could send mixed messages to people who want to buy Nvidia or AMD the product. It looks as if the hardware is close to being at the MSRP again, and there’s obviously plenty of options, especially with these new RX refresh cards, but it could all be in vain if retailers are struggling to get enough of them.

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source: GamesRadar

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