P-Valley Season 2 Trailer Reveals A Cool Plot In Pynk


It’s been a while since we got a look at what’s to come in Season 2 of P Valley. Back in April, the first teaser trailer revealed that there was no rest for the bad guys at Pynk’s strip club even as a global pandemic spreads. Now, the new trailer offers a closer look at the main arcs of the season and the drama we expect to unfold with the new episodes. The series is about the dancers who put on a show at a strip club deep in the Mississippi Delta, and all kinds of people who hang out and stop there.

The new trailer showcases the way Pynk has had to get creative during the pandemic, while putting together an exciting car wash fantasy so drivers can have some fun without having to roll their windows. It also reveals that, as in real life, the lockdown will end at some point, and the club’s reopening is likely to be one of the highlights of the season.

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The previous trailer revealed that the competition is coming to Pynk as the new girls begin auditioning. Now, we know that this process will bring a lot of conflict between the dancers, but tensions will increase especially between Uncle Clifford (Nico Annan), Mercedes (Brandy Evans), and autumn night (Erica Johnson) because their egos begin to get in each other’s way. And of course we can once again expect to see gorgeous looks, stunning neon cinematography, and plenty of loot.

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P Valley Created by Katori Hallwho was based in the series on her own play Pussy Valley. Hole who also drove Tina: Tina Turner MusicalHe serves as a show producer and executive producer for the series. For the second season, Hall enlisted the help of new cast members John Clarence Stewart (Zoey’s Unusual Playlist), Shamica Cotton (the wire), Jill Bin (Snowfall), Salazar Psalms (Lost Girl: Hollywood Thriller) and the newcomer whatsapp miracle.

As for the returning cast members, you can expect to see them again Shannon Thornton (Energy), J Alphonse Nicholson (Chicago PD), Parker Sawers (Southside is with you), Harriet de Foy (primary), Dan J. Johnson (underemployment), my life is morocco (empire), Dominic Devor (ride), Jordan M Cox (From outside), And Skylar Joy (ma).

Starz premieres season two of P-Valley on June 3. You can watch the new trailer below:

Check out the official summary here:

When it gets dark over Chucalissa, Mama must battle her teeth and Talon to stay alive. While some fly to new perilous heights, others dig into their daggers and stand their ground no matter the cost. Back in The Pynk, Autumn and Uncle Clifford battle for the throne as fresh blood rocks the locker room. Meanwhile, with the casino’s fate hanging in the balance, the local political machine is rushing to the limit. In these unprecedented times, death and danger lurk around every corner.

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