The next LEGO game must be based on Transformers

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Since the release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaThe internet was full of predictions and pleas about the upcoming traveler’s tales Puzzle Games It should be the game. Some called for the next title to be related to the MCU, others wanted a return to Middle-earth or the Wizarding World, and still others wanted another adventure through star Wars TV Shows There are an endless number of perks that can receive a LEGO game, and many fans skip some of the less obvious games.

Today’s video games

Recently, LEGO announced that it is releasing an Optimus Prime LEGO set based on a character from transformers. Usually, Traveler’s Tales don’t make a LEGO game around IP unless the series already has LEGO sets based on it. Now that LEGO has dipped its toes in transformers universe, it means it might be fair game to have an entire LEGO title based on mutant aliens. This will be a brand new IP address for Traveler’s Tales and it could be completely transformers Need.

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Transformers has an interesting history with video games

Over the years, there have been countless video games based on transformers Franchise business. Many were based on Michael Bay’s live-action movie series, and some were stand-alone experiences. Although they were decent experiences for fans, they rarely let players run like giant robots. Currently, the most popular games based on transformers It was Activision Cybertron in the series, but these titles have since been deleted due to expiring licenses and no new entry in the series has been released since 2014.

Transformers: Havoc as the last transformers A game from Activision, but released in 2015 and also taken down due to licensing issues. The majority of transformers Games from Activision suffered the same fate to be crossed off the list, and that left transformers Fans don’t have much choice. Unless they have the physical copies, they won’t be able to fully play Cybertron string or Devastation. the only big transformers The title that has since been released is a tactical war game known as Transformers: Battlegrounds, which is a far cry from previous titles in the franchise. On the contrary, transformers Fans can check out a lot of mobile titles based on the franchise.

while the transformers Never critically acclaimed, the games have provided a lot of fun for fans of the franchise. However, fans have to mostly turn to mobile platforms if they want to have transformers Repair. games like Transformers: Earth WarsAnd Transformers: forged to fightAnd AB . adapters They are all free to play titles that simply require downloading from the App Store. These titles aren’t like the old games, but they’re pretty much the only option for them transformers Fans only if they want to play some battlefields Or track physical disks.

LEGO Transformers can fix that

The transformers The franchise is in desperate need of a whole new video game and LEGO transformers The title may be able to provide that. If the next Optimus Prime LEGO set succeeds, LEGO will likely achieve even more transformers List of LEGO sets. If these continue to sell well and get a large enough fan base, Traveler’s Tales may want to consider creating a transformers The title is as LEGO. Transform aliens into a game similar to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 It will go a long way in giving fans what they want.

Puzzle Games transformers Can take cues from the previous transformers The games offer exploreable areas based on Cybertron as well as different locations on Earth. with the coming Transformers: Rise of the MonstersIt would be a perfect time for Traveler’s Tales to create a game based on transformers Movies. Many fans may prefer to create their own unique story in transformers universe, and Traveler’s Tales have shown that they are very capable of crafting entirely new stories into pre-established IPs. The title could also adapt to the iconic animation show that started it all, transformers. There are years of storytelling potential for the game, Traveler’s Tales just have to choose what kind of story you want to tell.

transformers Not many non-mobile titles have been received since 2015, and the majority of the books reviewed are no longer purchasable. Now, fans can only turn to mobile games for content, but to LEGO transformers The game can fix that. will not only give transformers fan of something to play with, but it will also allow Traveler’s Tales to stretch his legs and experience an entirely new franchise; It may be exactly what Puzzle Games The games you need.

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