Fortnite: Bubble Shield Locations (and How They Work)

In Fortnite, players can use the newly reintroduced Shield Bubbles to cast a protective dome around themselves to vote for item retention in the game.

at It is an electronic gameShield Bubbles is back in the game in Chapter 3 of Season 2 through May 17, 2022. These items can be used to create a protective ball around the player to block damage while still doing damage to opponents. In addition to Shield Bubbles, balloons have also been reintroduced, which allows players to temporarily reduce gravity in order to prevent fall damage. Players can choose Balloons or Shield Bubbles to stay in the game after May 17, 2022 using the funding station and cast their vote.

Players must find an abundance of Shield Bubbles all over the map It is an electronic game. Players will need to search all areas that spawn terrestrial loot, so players must scavenge and provide chests in hopes of finding the protective shields. Shield bubbles have a higher chance of falling on the remaining airships in Command Cavern and The Fortress. Since armor is a popular item, players should avoid searching for Supply Drops for them, since Supply Drops usually only contain loot of higher rarity. Visually, players will know they’ve found a shield bubble if they spot a small, round, shiny blue throwable item.

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Once players find the Shield Bubble, they can equip it from their Quick Menu. Once equipped, players can press and hold L2/LT to shoot. To throw the shield bubble, players must press R2/RT, just as if they were throwing a grenade inside. It is an electronic game. Once the Shield Bubble lands, it will create a large blue dome from its center. With the player standing inside the dome, you will protect them from enemy fire and explosives for 30 seconds before they disappear. From inside the protective dome, players will still be able to fire their weapons and damage enemies inside or outside the shield bubble. It is worth noting that if opposing players can pass through the shield and get inside, they will be able to damage the player from the inside as normal.

Fortnite: Shield Bubble Tips and How to Vote for It

Fortnite Shield bubble element

To maximize the benefit of the Shield Bubble, players can also attach it to an object to create a protective dome around it. For example, players can attach the Shield Bubble for more protection for themselves and their vehicles, such as the IO Tank or the Armored Battle Bus in It is an electronic game. Since other players can walk through the shield, using the Shield Bubble on a moving object can make it difficult for other players to reach. In addition, players can use the Shield Bubble to temporarily protect an object or themselves from massive damage from impending enemy explosives.

If players want to vote to keep Shield Bubbles instead of colored, gravity-reduced balloons, they can vote at the funding station by spending gold bars. Players can find a finance station by searching their mini-map for a coin with a briefcase. Once players reach the correct location, they will see a message board-like banner. To cast their vote, players must interact with the board and spend the required number of gold bars on it It is an electronic game.

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