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One would think, in the age of IP-based franchise media, that all of the iconic horror movie franchises would be alive and well, regardless of quality. However, despite some convulsions, most classics are long dead and show no sign of rising again, with one notable exception.

Friday the 13th And A Nightmare on Elm Street It’s been a decade or so without a new entry. Texas Chainsaw Massacre And Halloween They embarrassed themselves with their last attempts. It seems that trends and forces move faster in the horror world than in other cinematic genres – but Ash Williams has no problem sticking around it.

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Evil died In 1981, it was the second film written and directed by Sam Raimi. The story of Al-Rimi and his friends gathered together She is a legend of budget filmmaking at this point. It took family members and acquaintances begging for project funding. Production was a disaster at every turn, crew members and performers were regularly injured, and the entire film was pieced together on the fly. The film was the logical end point of the years Raimi, Bruce Campbell and their friends spent making cheap independent films in the woods, and was a success against all odds. In part thanks to Stephen King’s enthusiastic review, the film has been recognized worldwide as a modern masterpiece of the genre. sequel Evil Dead II: Dead by DayThe first producer of the film ordered him and outperformed his predecessor by leaps and bounds.

by time dark army, Raimi had a blank check to do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was apparently a medieval comedy that still maintains the franchise’s tone. The series now has a huge presence across comedies and video games, along with little-known musicals, which kept the fan base ablaze until the 2013 release. Easily among the top-grossing horror movie remakes, this movie didn’t quite generate the franchise as it added to current movie. Two years later, Bruce Campbell returned to the beloved role he had been born for for three seasons Ash vs Evil Dead. That series ended four years ago, but the franchise isn’t going to die. There’s a Triple A game and a new movie set for release this year, keeping fans engaged for longer. evil dead Somehow it went from horrific horror to slapstick and back without crashing, burning, or fading into obscurity.

Most of the great killers of the 1980s suffered a long and brutal death after making their comedic transformations. by the time Friday the 13th She was invading Manhattan or A Nightmare on Elm Street Conquering the real group to produce, things were looking bleak. Either way, the final nail in the coffin appears to be a remake of the 2010 Platinum Dunes. evil dead, Despite the silly comedy and I came out stronger, then I walked through an unscathed modern reinterpretation. Moreover, each version manages to remain good, a far cry from most modern incarnations of old horror films. The secret behind seeming immortality is more than just the love of his fans. All of these perks have die-hard fans, but that didn’t save most of them. evil dead Perseveres with no end looming, but why?

The obvious answer is intention. The concept that became dark army It was Remy’s idea Evil Dead II; The intent of the franchise was to slip into a comedic self-parody on the spot. Of course, Raimi and the producers didn’t have a 30-year plan for evil dead A franchise, but they have a full view of what the franchise will look like. It’s more than just pre-planning; It’s a basic understanding of what’s good in movies. Big slingers try to walk a tightrope, but eventually fall off, never seeming to get back on it. Critical understanding of the placement of the spectrum for each evil dead The film needs to fall is what allows the new filmmakers to take charge and carry the torch. The last time Al Remy took out any of the evil dead Worked in a pilot Ash vs Evil Dead. Fede Alvarez and a few television directors took over with excellent results.

The Evil Dead franchise works by basing itself entirely around the two extremes of visceral horror and slapstick, then putting its flag somewhere on the spectrum for each new entry. Rather than just coming off the deep end, the franchise already had its comedic DNA right from the start. The quality of the franchise has kept fans locked in. It’s hard to believe that many fans of the series would drop out, even if this year’s game or movie turned out to be bad. evil dead It is a masterclass in building a beloved franchise across multiple eras of horror cinema.

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