Iron Man’s Absolute Heavenly Temple might be his strongest ever

Iron Man pulled out his largest and most powerful set of armor ever, unleashing a Celestial Hulkbuster to take down the Hulk.

warning! spoilers for ox #25 by Marvel Comics

To prevent the Hulk from causing havoc across the universe, Iron Man He summoned one of his largest suits of armor ever, as the Final Celestial Temple first appeared. at ox #25 From Marvel Comics, Tony Stark ends up locating the Hulk and Thor as they fight at the Black Hand of God. Realizing the Hulk’s new modus operandi makes him deadlier than ever, Iron Man takes out big guns to stop him with his powerful new armor.

Iron Man is no stranger to crafting elaborate armour, wearing powerful mechanical suits specifically designed to take down an opponent, including the Hulkbuster and even Fin Fang Foom-buster. However, Tony Stark had been working on his ultimate armor for some time, secretly working on a celestial suit he had initially attached while… The king in black It happened. The Celestial Shield appeared in the structure #1, used by the Hulk to go inside a wormhole and escape from the Avengers. Now, the Hulkbuster’s full celestial armor first appeared in a big way to stop the Hulk before it caused more death and destruction.

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at ox #25 By Donnie Cates, Martin Kokolo, VC’s Matt Wilson and Joe Sabino, Thor continues his battle against the Hulk while the Avengers plot their next action against their former ally. Despite Captain America’s objections, Iron Man tells him he’s going to kick the Hulk’s back, revealing that he’s not in his suit of armor at the meeting but instead launches his ultimate shield into space. As the Hulk and Thor continue their miserable walk, Iron Man reaches into God’s Black Hand and tells Jade Giant that he’s sorry, but that he’ll need him to “get out of the car,” referring to the Hulk spacecraft.

The new Celestial Temple is a technological marvel, as it is one of the largest and most powerful armor Iron Man has ever used. He’s armed to the brim with weapons like turrets and energy cannons, apparently with some residual power from the Celestials themselves. Due to its cosmic origins mixed with the Stark flag, there is no indication of the upper limits of the armor. While readers can’t see the ultimate armor in action, the Celestial Hulk must be the best armor to defeat the Hulk the hero has ever built.

In the war flag Crossover, it was Thor vs. The Hulk is truly an unmissable battle between two of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. Throw the ultimate Iron Man armor in the form of Heavenly Buster’s Hekkel and things become more interesting. if iron Man The largest and most powerful armor of all could ever stop a structure, nothing a hero could build. ox #25 Marvel Comics In Comic Book Stores Now.

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