DC shuts down Harley Quinn haters who call her Deadpool in DC

A fun road trip with Catwoman showcases Harley Quinn’s most lovable and friendly trait that proves unworthy of the label “DC’s Deadpool.”

Warning: spoilers are waiting Catwoman #43

Fans who crave rating Harley Quinn Like “List of the dead” subordinate DC Universe It may be distressingly misleading. The Catwoman bonding moment shows that Harley has some positive traits that really help her stand out from Marvel’s Merc with a mouth.

While Harley may have gotten her start in her role as the Joker’s sidekick, the character has taken huge leaps in the past decade to become her own person. Freed from the toxic influence and abuse of the Joker, Quinn has set out on her own adventures with a number of villains and heroes in the capital. Her star has risen thanks to her popularity among fans and can be found in an amazing number of books. However, her overexposure combined with her antics and penchant for dangerous situations have called for some comparisons to be made with Marvel’s equally popular and chaotic Deadpool.

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Despite some surface-level similarities, the two couldn’t be more different and nothing says more than a bonding experience with Selina Kyle in Catwoman #43 by Tinny Howard and Bengal. Desperately needing to get out of town, Selina takes Harley on a road trip, and he’s more than excited to come on the ride. Harley does her diligent duties as a friend and tries to keep Catwoman’s mind out of her troubles with her usual silly sense of humor and a drum contest proposal. Quinn’s presence brings Selena a remarkable peace she needed and he notes in an inner monologue that despite the irregularity of someone like Harley, she is a very humble person. Catwoman admires that after all that her friend has been through, she is still able to enjoy life.

Catwoman is a fan of Harley Quinn, DC Comics

In her own series, Harley’s is usually portrayed as a chaotic character who loves to flout conventions while getting into trouble all over the world. But her adventure with Catwoman is a more personal look at the way she interacts with people. It’s a welcome look at side fans who tend to forget about Harley, especially since it really helps differentiate her from the creepy Deadpool comparisons. Due to Deadpool’s popularity among fans, people tend to forget that Wade Wilson in the universe is somewhat hated. That’s not to say that no one in the Marvel Universe likes him, but he’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, either because of his sense of humor or his tendency to never leave when asked. By contrast, if there’s one thing Selena’s adventure shows, it’s that people really love Harley. Her enthusiastic optimism and enthusiasm for life is practically contagious to those around her.

Part of Harley’s evolution since she left the Joker’s side is that she has been able to communicate with people freely and that others recognize the friendly spirit she carries with her. Harley Quinn It’s a lot of things, but it’s definitely not DC “Deadpool”.

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Catwoman #43 Available now from DC Comics.

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