Paul Heyman has the perfect idea for Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns for WWE

One of the best minds in all of WWE, Paul Heyman believes that the feud between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes is the foundation of the books themselves.

Paul Heyman is one of the best minds in WWE– And professional wrestling in general – From his point of view, the feud between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes is basically written. Reigns has been the central figure in WWE programming for years now and has been the company’s unified champion since defeating Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania 38. Rhodes took a different path, leaving WWE in 2016, discovering himself on the indie scene before helping to make it. AEW away from Earth to compete head-to-head with WWE.

The struggle with Reigns lately is that no one feels like a big enough deal to truly threaten his unified title. That’s by design, written by WWE to be an unstoppable force backed by the brilliant mind of Heyman and featured wrestlers on the tag-team at The Usos. The dynasty is embroiled in major feuds over both Monday Night Raw And Friday night smackdown They have established themselves as one of the most dominant factions of all time. Meanwhile, Rhodes has been busy picking up wins over Seth Rollins since his comeback in WrestleManiaand these two are ready for a rubber match in Hell in a dungeon next month.

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Heyman doesn’t have the book in WWE anymore, but his vision is still important. And for what it’s worth, he thinks the rivalry between Reigns and Rhodes makes a lot of sense. And he talked about it at length during a recent clip about Wrestling 98.5 inside the ropessaying that in order for Rhodes to achieve his goal of winning the WWE Championship, he would have to face Reigns. “[Rhodes] He returns to claim that what he feels is his moment. The only way he’ll be able to relive that moment is by stepping into the ring with the Roman tribal chief Reigns. It’s a story that writes itself.” Heyman goes on to garner much praise for The American Nightmare, stating that even if he wasn’t the son of Dusty Rhodes, he’d still be where he is because of his immense talent. (h/t to to copy)

That’s a big compliment from a guy who knows. Heyman’s record is by no means flawless, but neither is one when it comes to professional wrestling and the many angles that make up a vivid storyline. Unsurprisingly, his view on Reigns vs. Rhodes is spot on. What Cody left and was able to do with AEW is what made him feel like “BigLike Roman Reigns. While one of them was behind the WWE machine all the way, Rhodes Cody Rhodes had to get out there and make his own way. Once he got back after more than half a decade, he started to get the respect he probably deserved all the time.

Dusty Rhodes has never won a WWE Championship, and Cody says winning the title is the reason he got back to the company in the first place. There will be no transitional champion between him and Reigns. There is a lot of money and attention to be gained by pitting these two against each other. This match is for her WrestleMania The main event is written all over it. Only time will tell whether WWEVince McMahon sees things as Heyman sees.

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