Why does the first director of Big Boss think Bruce Lee’s kung fu was terrible

The original director of Bruce Lee’s first martial arts movie didn’t think Bruce Lee’s kung fu was good enough for the movie. Here’s why.

In spite of Bruce Lee Legendary reputation as a martial artist, was my opinion big boss’ The original director stated that the actor’s kung fu skills were insufficient. Known for his speed and approach to fighting, Lee is widely considered the greatest martial arts representative of all time. His fight scenes and image as a whole made him a pop culture icon.

The way the action sequences in his five Kong movies were portrayed gave the impression to fans that he was a really talented fighter, not just on the big screen, but in real life. Lee is also known as the founder of his martial arts style, Jeet Kune Do. During the 1960s, his reputation as an experienced martial artist earned him a number of kung fu students, some of whom were notable celebrities, such as James Coburn and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Their general comments about the actor reflect the respect they have for his skills. Who has worked with them professionally? The Green Hornet Van Williams and the way of the dragon Chuck Norris, he also has positive things to say about Lee’s martial arts ability.

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Oddly enough, comments made by one of the directors show that not everyone who knows Bruce Lee is so highly regarded. Prior to Golden Harvest’s decision to appoint Lo Wei as manager of great leader, The job was owned by Wu Chia-Hsiang. to me Bruce Lee: Life Written by Matthew Polley, Wu was frustrated with Lee’s set performance and ultimately decided that Kung Fu Lee was not up to par. In fact, he told Golden Harvest founder Raymond Chow that Li “I can’t fightPlus, he’s called an actor.Three legs of mine“Because he thought Lee only knew three kicks. Apparently, he developed this perspective based on Lee’s insistence on filming short fight scenes.

While Wu interpreted Lee’s approach as a lack of real talent, it appears that the actor had an entirely different reason for wanting to keep his fight scenes short. Lee’s dislike of Hong Kong kung fu films, which have been documented in the past, is indicative of the problem Lee had with Wu’s vision of big boss. Wu wanted long sequences of movement complete with intricate dance-like choreography. While this was consistent with the way most martial arts films were made at the time, it wasn’t what Lee thought was best for the movie. According to Polly, he felt that his film should depict how he would fight in real life, which is why it was so important to him that he quickly and decisively defeated his opponents.

Convinced that Lee was not an expert in martial arts, Wu argued that Golden Harvest was “deceivedHowever, the outcome of the dispute proved that Wu was in the minority in the case. Polly wrote in his book that Zhao, who saw Lee’s moves in an entirely different light, took the actor’s side and replaced Wu with Lo as her new director. Due to box office records big boss It broke out in Hong Kong and the way it transformed Bruce Lee into a martial arts sensation, it’s hard to argue with the idea that Zhao’s assessment was correct.

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