Apex Legends trailer shows why Gold Knockdown armor should be downgraded

Apex Legends Ranked

Apex Legends Season 13 saw a huge number of changes to the Ranked Ranked, and Respawn called it Ranked Reloader. One of these corrected a third party’s ability to steal a kill under rare and specific circumstances where the killing team is taken out first. The rationale behind this was very clear: killing is won, not given, in Apex Legends. This should also apply to wins in battle royale, which is why the rating has been changed to improve team pay and team play. One thing that wasn’t touched upon…

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Ferrari F8 Tributo & Twin-Turbo Audi R8 Does Not Match Tesla Model S Plaid

A YouTube video shows a Tesla Model S Plaid beating the Ferrari F8 Tributo and Audi R8 V10 twin-turbo modified over a quarter mile. YouTube video posted by Tesla Model S Plaid owner shows the electric car beating the Ferrari F8 Tributo and Audi R8 V10 bi-turbo modified car over a quarter-mile range. Tesla is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, and the Model S Plaid is the company’s flagship vehicle. It’s a luxury sedan that might look like a harmless family car from the outside without any design…

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The Mandalorian season 3 release window is set for early 2023

mandalorian season 3 title card

After a short appearance in boba fett bookMando is set to return as our favorite bounty hunter/favorite father in 2023. Star Wars Celebration announced today that The Mandalorian Its third season is scheduled to premiere sometime in February early next year, exclusively on Disney+. This follows a successful season 2 that ended in December 2020, and the appearances of Din Djarin and Grogu Boba Fett this year. The season will be written again by Jon FavreauAnd Carl Weathers He is set to return to the Star Wars universe but once…

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Manchester United’s Luke Shaw and Anuska Santos share the first photo of her baby daughter

Luke Shaw of Manchester United and his girlfriend Anouska Santos have welcomed their baby girl into the world. Anuska, 29, shared a photo on Instagram of Story, born last Friday, wearing a pink and white romper next to a soft doll bunny. 3 Luke Shaw and his girlfriend Anuska Santos have welcomed a little girl into the worldCredit: Instagram / @anouskasantos 3 Anouska shared an Instagram photo of Storie born last Friday The shot received over 11,000 likes in just a few hours and the couple was overwhelmed with support…

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Pokemon fan paints lampshade to look like a pokeball


A Pokemon fan turns an IKEA lampshade into a DIY Pokemon themed by painting it to look like a Pokemon ball with string that opens and closes. Nintendo fans have been among the most creative people in the gaming community over the years, with growing numbers of fan art, DIY crafts, and games inspired by various Nintendo franchises such as Pokemon The pregnancy continues. One Pokemon One fan decided to take their longstanding love of the franchise and use it to create a DIY project that would turn their lamp…

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16 Best Tom Cruise Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes

The release of Top Gun: Maverick looks to be yet another stunning achievement in the career of Tom Cruise. He is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and this is mostly down to his versatility as an actor. He started off starring in action-packed blockbusters, but he’s also proven that he has comedic chops and held his own in more contemplative dramas. Few actors have the rare combination of talent and charisma that Cruise has – and on top of that, he’s fiercely dedicated, doing most of…

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New Pictures of Willow Reveal Warwick Davis in the Disney+ Series

willow series social featured

Star Wars Celebration hasn’t been relegated to a galaxy far, far away, as Lucasfilm and Disney+ also feature some of their other favorite projects. Specifically, the studio revealed its first look at willowthe upcoming series based on the original movie from 1988. Warwick Davis will return as the nominal character, with Jonathan Kasdan (son of the legendary Lawrence KasdanDevelop the series side by side Wendy Merkel (ArrowAnd Desperate Housewives). Davis is front and center in the photos, and it really looks like it’s been a while since he portrayed the…

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5 Managers Who Can Take Over the MCU Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios, Fantastic Four

The Marvel Cinematic Universe It still has a lot of lovable characters from the comic book page who haven’t yet made it to the big screen. Among the series’ most awaited fixtures are still waiting for its role in The Fantastic Four, its long-awaited release has hit a snag. Marvel Spider Man Trilogy director Jon Watts recently quit the project after three blockbuster films with the MCU brand. The show should go on, however, and the franchise will undoubtedly reorganize it and ensure the once-popular family hits the big screen…

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How Jane Foster became worthy of practicing Mjolnir

Jane Foster may be known as one of Thor’s love interests in Marvel Comics and the MCU, but she eventually takes on the mantle of Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. Jin’s transformation into Goddess of Thunder will happen in the upcoming MCU movie Thor: Love and Thunder. Her character as Mighty Thor is looking to follow in the footsteps of her comic book counterpart. But how did Jane become worthy enough to practice Mjolnir? out of MCU ox The franchise, Jane’s first comic book debuted in 1962 with…

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8 films that shocked the audience during the show

Spilled popcorn on red carpet with the words 'Films That Shocked Audiences'

Ah, movies – the perfect way to de-stress from reality and enjoy some popcorn… Well, at least that’s the case for some. The shock factor is a well-distributed technique They are used in filmmaking to force audience members into their reactions, but some films are found with too many scenes, causing viewers to react to what they were forced to watch, about what they chose to watch. Related: 10 notable divisions between the results of the audience and criticism of Rotten Tomatoes Some movies have an acquired taste, and some…

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