Best Sci-Fi Games You Can Play on iOS Devices

Best Sci-Fi games for IOS

Video games are guaranteed to escape the harsh reality of the modern age, and no matter the hardware or the format, it’s the experience that counts in the end. The gaming industry has made great leaps in developments over the past three decades. Formerly arcade luxury games for high scores are now available at the push of a button, and it fits in a pocket.

Apple is known for its pioneering insights into bringing together new ways to connect with technology and giving users new ways to do everyday redundant things. This has given them a loyal fan base all over the world and this fan base deserves a good gaming experience on IoS platforms.

Today’s video games

10 inside

inside It is one of those very few indie games that have managed to capture the attention of the entire gaming audience. The game was initially released for major platforms in 2016 and ported to iOS devices a year later.

The game takes a minimalist approach in its visuals with enough tricks to give players an exotic adventure. inside A dark, twisted and deceptive story that gives players puzzles to solve to advance to the later stages of the narrative. You must try this sci-fi gem on your iOS devices.

9 transistor

transistor It is an action RPG game developed by Supergiant Games and released in 2014 for the major platforms. The game was ported to iOS devices in June 2015 and has been well received by gamers and critics alike.

The game follows Red, a professional singer sent to a strange world with a talking sword for a company and an army of robots (called Operation) to deal with it. After opening a deliberately misleading story, the narrative slowly unfolds as the player goes through the stages. The game is fun to play and guarantees a wild experience.

8 Talos principle

Science fiction and robotics have been linked to intangible marriage since the literary genre took its small steps into mainstream paradigms, and Talos principle You take full advantage of it. The game was released in 2014 for PC and console, while the port version of iOS was released in 2017.

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The game follows a gifted/cursed human with a human conscience, who is directed to cleanse the world of the mysteries created by his boss Elohim. Filled with fun puzzles and fast-paced action, this RPG can be played in first-person or third-person, giving players an immersive experience.

7 Gemini Street

Gemini Street It is a turn-based, point-and-click adventure with a futuristic vision of visual and creative elements. The game is developed by Joshua, and released for iOS platforms in 2013.

The film takes place in the 23rd century in the Gemini galaxy, where players take on the role of an assassin turned law enforcer searching for his missing brother. The graphics prove well and the game runs smoothly on mobile devices, while the narration is reminiscent of a well-written crime novel. In addition, the game’s cyberpunk-like setting gives players the experience of a dystopian world unlike any other.

6 invisible

Klei Entertainment is not new to the gaming world and is well known for its games like Mark of the Ninja, Sugar Rush, etc. In 2015, the game studio was launched Invisible, Inc. , It is a turn-based, sci-fi spy game for major platforms and ported to iOS devices in 2016.

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The game is inspired by the successful role-playing games such as Xcom. It offers a stealth action game that grips the players. Finishing intense missions and upgrading your team for the ultimate mission in a dystopian world of technophiles ensures fun and fierce challenge.

5 The yoke of reincarnation

Released in 2021, Reincarnation in yoke closer to Automata yoke Where the gaming world can get on the iOS platform. Finally, fans of the franchise can enjoy a post-apocalyptic game on mobile.

Set in a mysterious world called The Cage, the player controls the spirit of a young girl lost in the Cage, in an attempt to return to her human form. With a good dose of dream eating, and action packed adventures, the game stands out as being part of a game yoke A franchise, which makes it a must-have for all fans of the series.

4 Star Trek Legends

Star Trek: Legends It is a great game for all the fans of the series who wanted to have their own Star Trek adventure. Released exclusively for iOS devices in 2021, the game allows players to build and run USS Artemis.

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Missions that include turn-based combat and skill points for rewards, which allow players to recruit new recruits. With this franchise, it comes as no surprise that the characters available to recruit are some of the most recognizable faces of the franchise. Creating a dream team is the foundation of this epic sci-fi adventure, and it will provide a solid fan service for gamers and fans alike.

3 Star Traders: Frontier

Star Traders: Frontier It is the brainchild of two brothers who developed and released the game in 2018 under their independent studio Trese Brothers. The game was initially released for PC, and later ported to iOS devices. Despite being game-inspired, the game has a solid edge with its mainstream graphics, even on the mobile platform.

Players control a spacecraft in this large open world (or galaxy, in this context), through a series of missions and missions. Be part of intense space battles, and exchange loot and rewards with other players, all while gathering a self-sustaining spaceship crew. It is a great RPG for those who want more while exploring the void of space.

2 Abroad

Abroad It was released in 2014 and is a rare example of a game that was first released for mobile platforms and then ported to major platforms in subsequent years. The game uses an open world, providing a unique experience for each player.

As the name of the game suggests, players embark on a journey through space, controlling the character of an astronaut lost from Earth. The vast void of space has a lot to hide, and it is up to the players to explore the unknown regions known to man. Meeting friends and meeting new life forms has never been more fun, and Abroad It is a space adventure worth spending hours on.

1 Beyond the steel sky

Beyond the steel sky It is a follow up to the 1994 classic Under the steel sky. It is one of the few games and the only game on the list that has an iOS version before its big mainstream release on consoles and PC.

Players take on the role of Robert Foster in this 3D action-adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by artificial intelligence and robots. A chain of unfortunate events sees a child kidnapped in a single machine attack. It is up to Robert Foster to follow the trail of the kidnapped boy and bring him back to safety.

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